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Hooked All Time( Nip Tuck Dvd 1-5)

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by shane22, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. shane22

    shane22 New Member Webmaster

    Nip/tuck is a strange show, italian Tv has been broadcasting the first few episodes in the last weeks and I found myself strangely (and unexpectedly) hooked. A previous review states that this is a realistic show... well, Nip Tuck DVD 1-5 I wonder if the reviewer watched it or merely pretended to! This show presents an hyperbolic display of our society, Nip Tuck DVD 1-5 focusing (morbidly) on its vices. It's all about sex, Nip Tuck DVD 1-5 mental disorders (beauty-obsessed ones), cynism, money, lust, etc. It WANTS ro shock you and outrage you and pays little attention to the likelihood of the picture. Maybe one or two of the things mentioned in nip tuck could happen to you in real life but a setting where they seem to happen to everybody, over and over again, is extremely unrealistic. Nip Tuck DVD 1-5 Maybe this exaggeration was intended to make the underlying denounce more effective or maybe it was just shock-marketing, "├ępater les bourgeoises". But then, Nip Tuck DVD 1-5 maybe it's the morbidness that makes this series compelling. The plot is very engaging, just make sure you don't show this to your children! _____________________________dvdsuperdeal.comdisney dvd 164 discs weeds

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