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Hosting industry fights the recession!

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by ms2134, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. ms2134

    ms2134 New Member Webmaster

    Website hosting companies are struggling. So are many other online and offline companies and organizations.

    The recession has been a hard time for all. Webhostdir has writting a news article about one leading hosting company that shows that there is hope.

    Hosting company fights the recession - DIGG LINK/REVIEW

    Website hosting company fights the recession - Direct Link

    Feel free to digg, stumble, etc the direct link. I came across these a the other day and now decided to share them to be read because i find them to be interesting and to show that there is hope beyond the pain.
  2. G4br13lle~HD

    G4br13lle~HD New Member Webmaster

    Yes Recession affects all things including the web hosting industry :)

    You want to survive ... U have to fight ... no other choice ...

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