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How do you stay motivated?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by realistic, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. realistic

    realistic New Member Webmaster

    When I think of HOW I can do something, I start to come up with ideas, but when I think "I can't do it" or "I don't have the resources" I get nowhere.
    How do stay motivated?[/FONT]
  2. green screen

    green screen New Member Webmaster

    there are times when I am down, discouraged and weak. But the one that keeps me motivated is God's Word and prayer. It is so uplifting and the down moments just leave and go away. I am so grateful to God that He comforts me all the time like He is my true bestfriend.

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  3. Credit-Card-Factoring

    Credit-Card-Factoring New Member Webmaster

    When I feel like I can't do something I walk away from it for a bit. Then I go back to it and try to convince myself of the benefits of doing it. If its something that will benefit myself or someone I care about I do it because I convince myself there is nothing better I can do with my time. Basically, when I'm done I give myself a pep talk. Remember no matter what its important to stay positive.
  4. henrinaiara

    henrinaiara New Member Webmaster

    just say to yourself, if i not get this done, then ill be doomed..

    you'll work good :D
  5. drew72

    drew72 New Member Webmaster

    What do I do?

    What do you do?
    Its been three years. I’ve looked into every online opportunity available, and given a hard effort towards each and everyone. I’m great at my day job, but I hate it. Like most everyone else in the world. And I know that I can do better, but now Im racked up. Ive used every inch of credit available to me to try and make something work but it just dosent seem to happen. I even spent $10,000 on an established site, they told me to run their SEO program on it and start building back links but the program screwed up the site, you cant even see the site now. Its completely useless.
    Three months ago I knew what I wanted, I wanted to buy a business online that was already established and run it, I don’t know enough about coding or HTML or even starting to create my own site so knew this was the best way. But as I mentioned earlier I got screwed and have since spent every waking hour searching for an opportunity to take over a business and split the revenue with the old owner till we meet whatever price, Christ I would have done it indefinitely. Think you can find that? Fat chance!! No where you can do that. I cant find one decent person willing, which makes sense I would want a portion upfront as well.
  6. b2bwebsite

    b2bwebsite New Member Webmaster

    Just think of the end goal and how great its going to be when you reach it
  7. reese

    reese New Member Webmaster

    I find it hard to stay motivated at all times especially when my hormones is at it's peak. But I keep looking for ways to make me move. Moderate stress works for me, I think that's why deadline is really effective. Other than that, productivity blogs like zen habits is a good place to find some motivating stuffs. commercial relocation l real estate smith mountain lake
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  8. jacinthemilton

    jacinthemilton New Member Webmaster

    I just tell myself that I can do it and I'll reward myself when I did a great job.:yahoo:
  9. w3bmaster

    w3bmaster New Member Webmaster

    Money + Freedom motivates me ....
  10. Michael Walmsley

    Michael Walmsley New Member Webmaster

    Being good at time management is a great way of motivating yourself. Realising what you can do and just as importantly what you cannot do. Make a list of problems and look for the qucik fixes first.

    In the same way we break computing problems down into smaller more manageable chunks of functions and subroutines break your other problems down.

    Remember what the reward for your endeavours will be and use that to focus yourself. Nothing is ever easy, but do not confuse this with the fact that the best ideas are always the simplest.

    Accept that you will have failures as well as successes. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as you learn from them and emerge stronger for the experience. I believe that you often learn more about yourself from your failures than your successes.

    Very few people can manage to work constantly, we all need to recharge our batteries so remember to make some time to relax. Getting the work/life balance right for you will help you to work more efficiently.


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