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How E-commerce is changing the world??????......

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by ADIIPL, Sep 30, 2009.


    ADIIPL New Member Webmaster

    Yes I got it properly,I need more about ecommerce.
  2. Green East

    Green East New Member Webmaster

    E-commerce is a 'Shop'

    My experience is that our e-commerce package provides a 'building' for us to start a 'shop' in. Make sure your landlord 'e-commerce provider' gives you a good deal and great support. You will need them on hand quickly in times of trouble.

    Next we have to put signs up on our shop 'headers' and decorate the windows. We have to put in shelves ' categories' and we have to stock the shelves with 'products'.


    A customer in a shop will look at the shelves and choose a product to put in their shopping basket. Some just do so because they know the product and already want it. Others want more information.
    This is what makes an E-commerce shop beneficial over a normal high street shop.

    When a customer picks up a product in the shop and reads the label, it may not tell enough information to help them decided to buy it. They are just as likely to be influenced by looks and price of another product nearby.

    An excellent example would be caddy liners. The label says they are compostable, they hold 7 litres and there are 50 on a roll. Not enough information?

    In our Eco Friendly Store - we make all our information friendly too. It's our way of smiling at the customer.

    We can explain what the bags are made of, where, how and what benefits they have to the customer and the environment. They can measure their caddy and check the bags will fit before buying. They can make their mind up in their own time, plus our happy customers leave feedback to help other customers know just how good the bags are.

    :rtfm: TIP: You don't want customers taking their shopping list elsewhere when you sell what they need. Make sure they know where to find it and why to buy it from you!

    As for treating e-commerce like a website, don't! Certainly focus on getting SEO in place, but create a look, layout and features that your CUSTOMER wants, not what you want. Imagine it as a real shop with real customers walking in and out. Imagine you were the customer. If you find this difficult - visit other peoples e-commerce shops and see what helps you.

    :baloon: TIP: Make a feature of your best TOP SELLING products and place them where they can be seen easily - inside the front door. On our site, our caddy liners are on the front page listed as top sellers in the right hand column. Your front page is our front door.

    After a few months in business, we analysed our customers. Two thirds were female. This helped us re-vamp the image of the shop to look more feminine. Now even more customers buy. Analyse your business and see what statistics could influence good changes.

    Treat your shop just like a shop. Be there for the customer, give them the information they want, lay out the shop so they find it easily, make it easy for them to pay and make it easy for them to tell you how happy they are too.


    When a customer is not happy, again make it easy to contact you. Keep a record of complaints so you can analyse them over time and resolve them. Always treat the customer well and they will remember you - for the right reasons.

    :wheelchair: TIP: Don't forget all kinds of people could visit your site. Make sure they can ALL use the site the way THEY need to.

    Happy shopping!
  3. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    The issue of people hecitating to buy from you can be dealt with by placing 3rd party assurance certification on your site like the McAfee Hackersace certification and others. You can find out more ecommerce resources here. And on my signature you can find link to our ecommerce shopping cart.
  4. Martin1

    Martin1 New Member Webmaster


    Thanks, for shareing your information about the ecommerce, i think so this is really approve great for all. But i need still more about the ecommerce.
  5. luckygal

    luckygal New Member Webmaster

    With the development of e commerce our world is changing a lot. Through this service we can sell or by products through electronic services. It makes business more fast. Now a days people looking for fast methods. It also consists of the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of the business transactions.
  6. airforce1

    airforce1 New Member Webmaster

    I think E-commerce has not only change the traditional business mode but also change the behaviors of shopping. In a word, it make the business activities more efficient and make our lives more convenient.
  7. skyhigh

    skyhigh New Member Webmaster

    E-commerce saves time and money,because you can sell or buy just on the internet...There is no additional fee for visiting and donn't have to walk a long road to reach the shops...And,you can choose what you like easier just by clicking some websites, instead of walking in a long distance.

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