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How I get more pages indexed in google?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by abeltenny0210, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. abeltenny0210

    abeltenny0210 New Member Webmaster

    After a website built,we should spend more time and be more absorbed in "How to get our website indexed by google and other search engines",we also need to think about "how to get our website rangking at the top of result list?" This is the major idea to write the article to tell you how to do.
    This article is mainnly tell you about how to,not how to get. I list some method I did in the past years and get result. All is from my experience,may be it is not the authoritative principle, but I think it is useful for you if you want to build a website.
    1. Principles you should obtain includes:
      Find a best SEOed domain. A good domain will effect your page ranking in google.As you can search any keywords in the google.com and you can find that many results listed on the top contain the keywords in the domain. You need to choose a www.nfl-jersry.net instead of www.NOFILWR.com. First you need to keep the domain in the memery of the person who viewed your website. The group of keuywords can be easily gettin into memory. As for the domain www.nfl-jersry.net , people could get the main content about the website and also for search engine. I will write more articles about effects of a domain for the ranking result of a website.
    2. Build your efficient site. This is not point to your speed of establishing a website, but about the websites structures you need to obtain.Some of the websites accumulate many images and JS even large flashs in the code of the website. It is not a good design habit. We need a pre websites,which mean that the browser can easily load the content and disply in the screen. No customers would like to wait for minutes for your page. They like the pages as Healthy News For Feet-MBT shoes,Cheap mbt shoes,discount mbtshoes,Wholesale mbt shoes! rather than Buy discount Christian Louboutin shoes with fashional style,High quality and lowest price. . Because the firt one will take less time to load and dispay. These two are not the best and the worst. I just fethched them to tell you what the customers exactly need.
    3. Don't forget to annex a blog to your websites. Most of the shopping sites are stable after it built as the products limited. So we don't have new products and the websites don't have new content. This is a big problem. Google love fresh content. If your site keep silence and didn't have any fren content for monthes, google robot will dreary your site. This is a important element.You should add a blog in your website if you don't have much fresh news to increase the content and get more indexed and keywords.I find that the sites I listed in the previous paragraph Healthy News For Feet-MBT shoes,Cheap mbt shoes,discount mbtshoes,Wholesale mbt shoes! did very well.
    4. Find a stable webhosting.This is also important. Don't lose your customers because of the accidently shut down of your webhosting or VPS or dedicated webserver. I intent to use a dedicated IP webhosting. If you want to find the stable webhosting. I would write a article about how to choose and which ones recommanded to you in the later articles.
    5. Keep adding new products or posts. And we know that google love fresh news. So we need to add more pages and contents for your websites. This is easy to say, but hard to do. As you need to add contents every day, to choose the right topic, to write, to choose keywords and description. All these is to sure that we add unique and fresh content to my website.
    6. To submit articles all over the internet that may bring you the traffic. A important priciple you need to obtain is that you should find the hight PR, specialised,related to your field websites preferentially,so that you can get effectual traffic and weight of you field.Many websites can be used for adding links to your website. Such as social network,forum,blog even video websites. We will give you large list of these resources in after articles.
    7. After all, you need to stick it out to repeat the step 5 and step 6. How long time you need? The more you do it, the more you get.

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