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How much should I charge for advertising?...

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by JamesHatter, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. JamesHatter

    JamesHatter New Member Webmaster

    Hi guys,

    I've had someone approach me with regards to paying a monthly fee to put a banner advertisement on my Website. The banner advert would be sized at 599 (width) x 95 (height) pixels.

    My Website is RetroFootballTShirts.co.uk

    Some statistics...

    On Google, I am placed for searches, set on 'the web'...

    retro football shirts - 3rd
    retro football tshirts - 1st
    retro football t-shirts - 1st
    retro football - 2nd
    arsenal t shirt - 2nd
    chelsea t shirt - 5th
    liverpool t shirt - 3rd
    manchester united t shirt - 12th
    spurs t shirt - 3rd

    etc. etc.

    This year so far, I've had 52,145 unique visitors. I get an average of 5,794 unique visitors a month, my highest month this year being May when I had 8,566 unique visitors.

    What do you think I should be charging as a set fee per month for banner ads on my site? I don't really want to get into the whole pay per click, impressions etc. side, would just rather charge a set monthly fee.

    Also...If you guys have a fee in mind, is there anywhere I can also showcase my site for potential advertisers to see if I get new people approaching to advertise on the site?
  2. mattbf

    mattbf New Member Webmaster

    I'd play around with the prices. Maybe start at $100/month and see if you can find any advertisers at the price, if yes then raise it
  3. karmadir

    karmadir New Member Webmaster

    Make a database of t shirt manufacturer and exporter.

    I suggest you to use $100 for home page link,$50 for second and $25 for deep link pages.

    You should make a database for football t shirt companies exporter and email them about your site status.

    This way you will be able to do it.

    If you are not able to do it, just PM or mail us at "info@karmadirectorysubmisison.com".

    I have experience in making database,and I think I can help you.
  4. JamesHatter

    JamesHatter New Member Webmaster

    Have sent you an e-mail mate...
  5. JamesHatter

    JamesHatter New Member Webmaster

    Just a bit more info...what should I charge for a large banner at the top of the home page AND at the top of my store/shopping cart...

    The store/cart is at 219857.spreadshirt.net

    The actual store - i.e. where you see all of the clothing apparel - has had 387,187 page visits since January 2007... what about a banner at the top of that page (i.e. my entire shopping cart), would that be worth more?

    Therefore, you could do 89,144 (total unique visitors since May 2007 on my home page) + 387,187 = 476,331...

    what do you think I could charge for a banner advert on the home page and the store for 476331 unique visitors?
  6. rhyswynne

    rhyswynne Member Webmaster

    Simple answer:-

    However much you can get for it :)

    I will suggest / recommend you're banner ad isn't exactly standard. 599 x 95 is a bit of an odd size. Have you thought about splitting it up? You can fit 5 120 x 90 buttons on the same area. The simple answer is that it does vary your income source, and you're not relying on one stream of income.

    Personally with that site, I'd be a bit apprehensive selling advertising as you would be taking visitors (and customers) away from your main business.

    (Incidentally, I run a football boot site, not as big as yours, but it's well ranked for certain keywords, let me know if you want to set up an link exchange/website alliance/etc.)
  7. Ruuz

    Ruuz New Member Webmaster

    You should look at the prices at which you could get an advertisement from a similar niche site.

    Add $10 - $20 on that and you will get your price.

    To be in competition you will have to offer best rates without making a loss for yourself.
  8. nelsonclassic

    nelsonclassic New Member Webmaster

    Hello friend,
    Well.. that depends on the quality of advertisement and the product you want to advertise.You can contact to any good advertising company or can contact to SEO..as they work for advertisement only...so you can contact to them as well.Advertising cost vary from $100 to $250..So it depends on you and your product.

  9. extomas

    extomas New Member Webmaster

    Offer your ad space for bidding.

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