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How often do you learn new in SEO?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Rougen, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Rougen

    Rougen New Member Webmaster

    How often do you have to relearn something new oк learn in SEO?
    Or lack of knowledge is that you already have?

    What kind of news, reviews, or anything else advise through every day?
  2. Tomsutter

    Tomsutter New Member Webmaster

    In my opinion, the best way to learn new SEO is to learn one single concept first then apply it. If you try to learn everything or as much as you can then try to apply after you've read 45 different concept and application procedures its going to be very hard. Unless its a process that I use regularly I will have to relearn it, but I won't have to relearn the entire process as bits and pieces of it will still have been in my memory from past use. But more often than not, I find my best friend google for some refresher help.

    If you have a lack of knowledge, you shouldn't worry too much. There such a huge amount of information and different techniques that it would be impossible to not gain more knowledge on the subject.

    For me personally, I keep a detailed lists on tasks that I need to do/get done, including seo
  3. ganesh786

    ganesh786 New Member Webmaster

    We have to update our SEO knowledge day by day.For this I read Google Webmasters blog.
  4. ramblingrye

    ramblingrye New Member Webmaster

    I could not have said it any better. Like the old saying goes you might end up being a "Jack of all trades, master of none." It's easy to spread yourself too thin and end up getting burnt out and frustrated at the end. I don't think there's a specific timeframe for "relearning" or learning new things. For me it's constant but on a need-to-only basis. Don't pressure yourself too much.
  5. Adrian98

    Adrian98 New Member Webmaster

    it depends upon the interest in any topic of SEO, some people love to read about link building while some love to read about the On page SEO hence we can't say how much time does it take...... because the percentage level of the interest defines the time !!!
  6. rosesmark

    rosesmark New Member Webmaster

    Always I prefer SEOMoz for SEO because they give effective and unique news about SEO
  7. addyj672

    addyj672 New Member Webmaster

    As search engine keep updating it on regular basis we need to keep updating our self with latest of SEO. Like previous month google panda 3.3 hit the web world so we need to keep updating us on regular basis. I read different SEO expert reviews and similarly forums are also helpful... Cheers..

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