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How Oil is made Edible??

Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by Reet, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Reet

    Reet New Member Webmaster

    To make oil appropriate for edible purpose Oil Extracting Machine, Oil Expeller is necessary.
    Oil Expeller is a machine used to extract oil from raw material like seeds, nuts, beans etc.The raw materials are then squeezed under high pressure in expeller to move and compress the seed material. The oil seeps through small openings that do not allow seed fiber solids to pass through. After that the pressed seeds are formed into a hardened cake, which is removed from the Machine.
    Vegetable oil refinery is essential to ensure removal of gums, waxes, phosphatides and free fatty acid (F.F.A.) from the oil; to impart uniform colour by removal of colouring pigments and to get rid of unpleasant smell from the oil by removal of odiferous matter. In Vegetable Oil Refinery, physical & chemical processes are combined together to remove undesirable natural as well as environmental- related components from the crude oil.

    Depending on the requirements, the following basic processes are implemented in Refining. 1)Neutralizing/ Degumming,


    3)Physical Refining/ Deodorization,

    4)Dewaxing/ Winterization.
    At Gobind Expeller Company also deals in manufacturing a comprehensive range of excellent quality Oil Mill Machinery, Oil Expellers and other Oil Mill equipments.We manufacture complete range of Oil Mill Machinery and Equipments from preparation of seed to filtration and refining of oil. These machines are manufactured using superior quality raw material and ultra-modern technology. Our expert professionals design & develop these machines in accordance with the international quality standards which makes them stand apart from their compitetors. These easy to install and operate machines require minimum maintenance.

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