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How To Be Successful Online

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by journeyoflife7, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. journeyoflife7

    journeyoflife7 New Member Webmaster

    When do buffalo do when they see a group of hungry lions? Run! And and as fast as they can! The reason why is simple. To put it in one word would be survival. Every living being shares the common struggle of survival. For human beings, a big part of survival is to be financially independent.
    There are many people who work on the internet these days. Their drive is the goal of becoming financially free!

    The best way to succeed in a business is through love! Passion is what drives you the most. It gives you the power of focus, joy, and determination. It motivates you like nothing else! Do what you are passionate about!

    My personal advice to anyone who wants to make great achievements online is to have a plan of action. Make goals, tasks, and schedules, anything that will track your progress. If you don’t create a plan, your business will probably fail to reach its potential.

    If you can envision the end result of your goals, you will find a motivation like you have never felt before. This motivation will drive you to your success. To constantly keep this motivation alive, you must have a plan of action. Make goals and deadlines. Try not to make goals that seem too difficult to achieve within your deadlines. Keep challenging but possible goals; this is very important. Breaking down tasks will keep your faith high; small tasks making everything feel more possible! If your goals are too hard to achieve then it will lower your motivation. Also remember, consistency is important!

    After you create your plan, try to find someone who can review it. Not just anyone! Find someone who is knowledgeable in your niche! Maybe even find a guru! This is a good way to get feedback on your plan. You will have the comfort of knowing your plan is on the right track!

    When you have your plan ready, perform each step as perfectly as possible. Make changes to the plan if you must. There is nothing wrong with changing your plan. It will only make things better. Everyone learns from mistakes, and that knowledge can be used to your benefit. It is likely you will change your plan as you learn new things.

    After the plan is set and done, have a marketing plan ready. This is the most important part of succeeding online. Your marketing plan should attract targeted visitors to your service or product. With repetition, it should bring loads of traffic! Perfect your marketing plan as best as possible.

    In order to make money from home, work consistently and listen to heart. If something doesn’t feel right, you probably shouldn’t do it. Perform your every task as best as possible and take it one day at a time. If you are patient and consistent, your long term progress will bring you a lot of income. And finally, you will be on your way to be financially independent!
  2. Barry

    Barry New Member Webmaster

    "The best way to succeed in a business is through love!"

    I couldn't agree more! I come from a web design background and wasn't happy. Since I moved into Internet Marketing I haven't looked back since. I enjoy every moment of it.
  3. Joyce

    Joyce New Member Webmaster

    Totally agreed. It's not easy to be successful online.
  4. logoonlinepros

    logoonlinepros New Member Webmaster

    It sounds intereting! Some fundamental and vital points you have mentioned above. Thanks for this geat threat
  5. jacksamwhite

    jacksamwhite New Member Webmaster

    Dedication, determination and hard work is the key to success in anything and online world is not an exception. But to be successful online you first choose your work carefully.
  6. marktonny

    marktonny New Member Webmaster

  7. VZNode

    VZNode New Member Webmaster

    determination & love, but always try to stay up to date with all the newest trends, apart from anything "unlimited" i wish that had never started.
  8. jandxb

    jandxb New Member Webmaster

    with honest, hard work and dedication everyone can succeed

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