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How to Decorate your Kids Room

Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by jackvoum321, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. jackvoum321

    jackvoum321 New Member Webmaster

    Kids do not require a massive amount of decor in their rooms. The basics such as their play area, space to store their toys and comfortable living and sleeping space is what most children look for. You can always keep your kids room cheerful and organized by using a soothing wall colour such as lavender or a light blue / pink depending on your child. :p
  2. Aimee001

    Aimee001 New Member Webmaster

    1)Take out a piece of paper, and draw out exactly how the permanent things are (like doors, windows, closets) and map it out. Draw the floor first (furniture or rugs). Draw each wall. Draw what posters will be there, the furniture, everything. Then (if you have a ceiling fan) decide if you want to paint a sky, picture, or spiral on it. Make sure it actually looks real, because if it doesn't, it looks cheap, but it's okay if it's not totally professional. If you are buying new things for your room, decide where they are going to go or write a list of things you will need from your plans.
    2)Decide which colors you would like for your walls or wallpaper. Think about which colors you like, but make sure that they will look good together if you have more than one color chosen.
    3)Decide whether you want carpet flooring or wooden flooring. If you are having carpet, think about colors you would like. If you are having wooden floors, decide whether you want light wood or dark wood on the floor. If you already have a carpet or wood floor and can't redo it, you can put other rugs on top. Your parents might be reluctant to install a whole new floor.
    4)Clear out all your things. Separate them into three different categories; things to keep, things to give to charity or sell, and things to throw away.
    5)Put the things that you are keeping into boxes or bags until you are ready to put them back into your bedroom. Put the things you are going to give away/sell into boxes and either take them to a charity shop, give them to a friend or relative who wants them or if you have enough stuff, have a garage sale.
    5)Put the things you are going to throw away into bags and get rid of them, recycling whenever possible. Don't forget, old toys and furniture can be modified or repainted, so look at each piece carefully. Start decorating when you have cleared everything out. Get a parent or adult to help you with things such as painting the ceiling if you can't get to it, or jobs that you can't do.
    7)Plan it out, then put back all your furniture, and bring in the possessions that you decided to keep from your clear out. Put them all back into your room.

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