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How to edit meta tags without downloading the whole site

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by offsiteseo, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. offsiteseo

    offsiteseo New Member Webmaster

    Hi everybody, well if you read my biography, you will understand how I arrived at this problem.
    So what I am desperately trying to find out is:
    If I take a clients site on for seo work.
    Assuming that all the keyword work etc has been researched & done, At this point, I need to be able to edit their meta tags & descriptions.
    I want to be able (assuming they supply the ftp access codes) to access their site and make these simple changes, just that.
    I have looked at HTML editors and tried a couple like coffeecup & page breeze, but I am not getting very far. Coffee cup was great, right to the point of trying to upload the changes.
    I don’t want to copy whole sites down and upload them again, I feel sure that there is some way that I can just pop in, change the keywords, and pop out again
    Please keep in mind that I can’t write code, I can use a wysiwyg web creator program, but I’m really worried about making a mistake on somebody’s site. It seems that I have been reading all I can on seo for two years, but not thought about this fundamental issue.

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