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how to generate more traffic with a lead sites

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by dRB, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. dRB

    dRB New Member Webmaster

    My site is basically designed for lead generation how to get more leads. To get leads no. of visitors should be more. Please give solutions.
  2. highlander

    highlander New Member Webmaster

    Your site looks like it provides Companies with a way to offer its services, or just a straight affiliate partnership arrangement - you didn't explain enough to get accurate advice here.

    If its purpose is to generate leads, then you have a few problems right away.

    Affiliate anything doesn't pay well. The majority of sites don't get enough traffic to attract those who will click on the offers. The payouts on affiliate programs are notoriously bad.

    Your website is very flat looking and doesn't draw people in. It's just a bunch of offers in the form of links, it needs a complete rethink in terms of design, content and capture. Content is vital to make your site sticky, it won't draw in the numbers and keep them there as it is.

    Noone likes a flat looking site, but some can get away with it only if they have key information and lots of it. And by lots I mean at least hundreds to thousands of pages worth - people will find you maybe.... but will leave in 1 minute or so. Don't forget people are looking for information - not to spend! They spend only when a site has a big enough reputation, and yours hasn't got that - it looks like an empty website trying to extract cash and run away once it has it. This is not good for you.

    Also the loans industry is swamped with offer sites, companies and comparison search sites, so I'd suggest you forget the leads generation angle and go for some type of search engine, where you list loan companies, then you can sell the ad space/listings once you are established. But you have picked a saturated market to begin with, which is always a silly idea.

    A search site will only work if it solves a new type of problem, and for that you'll need inside/expert knowledge or at least a unique idea where you are the only one doing this, then you will own the market! That's a massive advantage if you can do it, but ofcourse it's not easy, and if it were I'd be doing it already.........
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 3, 2009

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