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How to get a monthly income more than 700$

Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by said zarrouk, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. said zarrouk

    said zarrouk New Member Webmaster


    Company Club Shop Marketing is a company founded in USA in 1997 where they were a resounding success at the level of the United States and Europe and some countries in the world where they rely on e-marketing , and by the following :
    1 / marketing of goods offered by companies and department stores in common with the company 's Club Shop .
    2 / work discounts on items from companies and department stores in common with the company 's Club Shop and through vouchers received by the customers of the company.
    3 / Profit from members who register for the company and the way they activate the membership ( GBS ) , which does not exceed the price of $ 49 and a monthly fee not to exceed $ 19 , and the greater the number of registered members of your way increased the monthly income of the company.
    4 / purchase vouchers from the company and sell it to people and earning them .
    5 / inviting companies to participate company and the supply of goods and get a percentage of the profits obtained by the Company from the Club Shop these companies and the best way and the most profitable .

    Examples :
    IF you invited 4 Members you will gett 114$
    and if you invited 10 Members you will gett 766$

    Your earnings hostage your job seriously and perseverance, so let's be the opportunity to achieve all of your dreams.

    For registration Click on the following link :


    Important note : please copy the linck and post it in your browser then put a point before com because i can't post the lincks

    Fore more information please concact me :
    skype : said.zarrouk2

    I am ready to answer all your questions with regards

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