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how to get indexed very fast in Bing

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by SearchBliss, May 6, 2010.

  1. SearchBliss

    SearchBliss New Member Webmaster

    I just wonder, if we submit our site to bing, there are also other people do that. So could anyone here show some tips what the quick way to get indexed in bing? thanks in advance
  2. linkbuilder85

    linkbuilder85 New Member Webmaster

    That same as in google. Get some link from pr4, 5 to get indexed in 2 days. Or get some other link to get indexed in a longer term ( about a week if its PR 0,1,2)
  3. a1omads

    a1omads New Member Webmaster

    submit to many directories and social bookmarking. here is some listing or directory of directories at a1searchdirectory.com
  4. Conran

    Conran New Member Webmaster

    I'm sorry to say that Bing is pretty useless.

    I get ZERO organic traffic from Bing, and only very limited PPC traffic too. Their tools (for submitting a site by Meta) are worse than poor and it seems to have an almost 90% fail rate with webmasters constantly on their "help" forum asking what the hell is going on with it.
    No one seems to be able to explain it.
    Their help files on this constant problem just repeat the problem and offer no solutions.
    Their forum community offer lots of different reasons for why it *might* be happening, but nothing is proven.
    Their tech departments don't seem too bothered that so many people wishing to use Bing instead of Google are not able to do so.

    The ONLY good thing I have found is that when using their PPC advertising they have staff falling over themselves to help you develop a good campaign. But this is clearly because they want the revenue.

    IMO, don't even bother wasting time with Bing, or Yahoo, or any others for that matter. Concentrate on Google, and if the others pick you up then it's a bonus.

    These companies need to realise that to become successful they need the webmasters on their side as much as the search users. And at the moment, while Google needs to do a lot more to help webmasters, all the other SE's are even worse.

    It's a shame there isn't more competition out there, but with so many SE's simply not able to provide an adequate service for webmasters it's no surprise Google remains #1, and will do for decades.
  5. MarkAse

    MarkAse New Member Webmaster

    Getting indexed isn't the problem....being ranked high enough for someone to actually find your site is the real problem.

    Bing, at least in my experience, is the most stubborn of the 3 major search engine's, it seems (to me at least) that they rely more on information that is out of your control then Yahoo and especially Google. Domain age and the time you own the domain for both seem more important then they are elsewhere.
  6. airforce1

    airforce1 New Member Webmaster

    In my own experiences, building backlinks from high PR sources, social bookmarking and putting your links in your tweets would be more helpful for indexing purpose than just submit your sites.

    Have a nice day,
  7. royal

    royal New Member Webmaster

    You can get indexed very fast by submit your site url in popular social bookmarking and social networking sites. You should tweet your site information with url in twitter and submit information in face book. You should also bookmark your site information in stumble upon and digg for getting fast index.

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