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How to get more Facebook fans

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Beverly, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Beverly

    Beverly New Member Webmaster

    I'd like to make my work at home blog more popular with Facebook fans. I'm always posting updates on Facebook fan page regularly so the content is always fresh. But i've noticed the traffic coming from Facebook is low. Just wondering what other techniques can be used to draw people from Facebook (who are not already my blog readers) onto my Fan page and then onto my blog.
  2. Dean!

    Dean! Awesome Webmaster

    You should try services like SocialSmash to build up your Facebook fans for free on your page. They work pretty well and there is zero investment (unless you really want them fast).
  3. lowriderSTi

    lowriderSTi New Member Webmaster

    Or SocialClerks, that works pretty well too. You can also ask some of your friends to share your page.
  4. Shortie861

    Shortie861 New Member Webmaster

    I have always wondered this myself to be honest as I would love to be able to boost the likes I have on my page to help traffic however I have always been weary about using certain sites or even just joining them for random likes because you don't always get people liking your page because that is what they are interested in. Sure if you have a range of things to offer then random likes may work
  5. EdwardKingston

    EdwardKingston New Member Webmaster

    You should have to post your website link on other pages
    i think it's good idea ;)
  6. Florentino89

    Florentino89 New Member Webmaster

    5 Facebook Marketing Tips To Get Facebook Fans For Your Business:

    • Facebook ads – This is by far the easiest way to start getting fans for your page especially if you don’t have an existing blog/website to promote your page on.
    • Use a Reveal Tab – Whether you are creating your own fan page or having someone make it for you, using the reveal tab to convert visitors in to fans really helps boost the number of likes you will get. A reveal tab means that non-fans have to click the like button before being able to see your content meaning more ‘likes’.
    • Don’t Over Promote Yourself – The best thing about fan pages is that they can grow virally. While you need to be getting your fans to take action you don’t want your fan page to be plastered with self-promotional junk. You need to give your fans value so that they keep coming back for more AND so that they recommend you to friends. No one is going to recommend you to their good friends if all you do is promote your business opportunity, affiliate links and products. It’s about creating a community of fans that start to share your name/brand with their friends, who share with their friends…until it snowballs out of control
    • Use External Media - Whether it’s other internet sources like Twitter, your blog, your autoresponders or it’s offline marketing like your ads, your business cards etc. make sure you put your fan page url on there so that people can connect with you. Facebook is far more casual, and even though by using Facebook for marketing you can really make a killing, people are much more likely to just hit the ‘like’ button than to go to your website and opt in to your email list. Make it easy for them to find you and connect with you.
    • Get Them Clicking! – Not many people use this, maybe they just haven’t picked up on it yet, but here’s how Facebook determines who appears on your ‘newsfeed’ on the home page. Every time you ‘like’ some one, send a message, look at someones photo, comment or click a link that they share, Facebook recognises that you have recently interacted, so their stuff appears more regularly on your newsfeed. The same goes for fan pages. If you interact on a fan page it will show up more frequently in the future. Utilise this by getting your fans to interact on your page the moment you click like. Tell them to get involved in a discussion or post some photos for them to look at. When they interact by ‘liking’ or commenting this appears on their profile for all of THEIR friends to see, increasing your exposure.
  7. NeoGills

    NeoGills New Member Webmaster

    Why you don't buy Facebook fan from someone service?
    may be the best way to get likes in short time!
  8. mirecalbangs

    mirecalbangs New Member Webmaster

    If you need traffic over your page, you may Buy Facebook Likes. This will avail you to like on other people's pages and you will have fans in 1:1 ratio. its free and you can pay for more fans. You can do it to your twitterpage/youtube channel too.
  9. tommymaczoidberg

    tommymaczoidberg New Member Webmaster

    I think it's a waste of time and money to buy likes or pay to recruit fans. Those people will not convert into traffic. They're just for show. I think you should use your blog to get your existing audience to like you on Facebook rather than using Facebook to get new people to go to you blog. Use Facebook to personally connect with the readers you already have, not recruit new readers.
  10. BigBigFan

    BigBigFan New Member Webmaster

    Isn't the reveal tab approach a little counter-intuitive since forcing someone to like something before they are allowed to see it is a recipe for gathering a lot of un-likes too? Worse, you may get reported for spamming and it's conceivable that all your effort goes up in smoke overnight.
  11. Samurai

    Samurai New Member Webmaster

    I think that the number #1 tip is to write viral content. If people are sharing your content, sooner or later some of their friends will check out it. Moreover, simply ask your followers to share your posts on Facebook. I don't recommend buying Facebook likes. You want to build a real following, not fake numbers.
  12. SonnyNET64

    SonnyNET64 New Member Webmaster

    Just continue using specific keywords that are searched by the general public using the Google Keyword Tool. If there is low competition, use that on your Facebook page, and that may attract customers/viewers to your site.

  13. vida_llevares

    vida_llevares New Member Webmaster

    Make your Facebook posts more engaging. You can also organize contests and offer simple freebies or prizes.
  14. Andrei

    Andrei New Member Webmaster

    You can buy them from sites like Fiverr.com or others, but I'm very resilient in using those cause they are not actually real followers, and you end up by having a lot of fans, but actually few of them are really interested in your page. You should try instead doing more interesting posts and attract people to join the hard way.
  15. BigBigFan

    BigBigFan New Member Webmaster

    People are so blind to the social buttons nowadays that you really have to point them out and ask that your "valued readers/members" please remember to use them. If you don't ask, you don't often receive anymore.
  16. neoflip

    neoflip New Member Webmaster

    Make your post interesting, so no one can leave your page.
    use some SEO service like social clerks to get some free likes.
  17. Tara

    Tara New Member Webmaster

    I have never heard of this program. Thanks for mentioning it here. :)

    I join groups in my niche and actively participate. I try to post stuff of value. Mostly, stuff about my niche. I don't use Facebook as much as I should.
  18. fancy

    fancy New Member Webmaster

    I think adding more fans to your Facebook page is as easy as creating the page itself. Click suggestion for more friends to get your fans. Especially in Facebook it’s not quite easy to find people neglecting your suggestions. You can also send links; posts and comments regularly to other Facebook pages where you are a fan. You can also introduce contests for your fans to win some gifts to help make them remain active. The Facebook like tool is also another active way you can add friends to your facebook page.
  19. mkcookin

    mkcookin New Member Webmaster

    There use to be a time when posting great post on your Facebook page and then commenting on other pages generated you decent traffic. However, I believe the best way to grow and have a profitable fan page is through Facebook ads.

    You can generate thousands of likes and followers that are very interested in your page, if you create a good Facebook ad.
  20. Murray

    Murray New Member Webmaster

    I get what is happening with buying the likes or fans from places like Fiverr and the other sites mentioned. At the same time you could collect Ad Revenue that would let you push money into true concentrated marketing. Facebook advertising is one of the things that you do and the dice rolls and you hope for the best. That's just the way it goes. I believe that blog content will get you to where you need to be and bring people in.

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