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How to Maintain Complete School Management Software

Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by nerd001, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. nerd001

    nerd001 New Member Webmaster

    New initiative to a systematic approach to frame the policies for a successful deployment of complete school management software only to be on top of the competition, school automation software today demands updation on a regular basis this could be in terms of adding more features to the existing ones or in terms of technology and more modules, the need of the hour any how is a totally integrated solution. As and when the branches of the schools are being added which is actually increasing day by day one would look at integrating all these braches for quick business intelligence reports. Relating to reports from Exams and Tests, Report Cards, Discipline, View/Take Attendance, Manage Teachers, Web Form SMS another, Chat/Video Conference librarian can interact with one ,Bulk SMS Students, Parents and even , E-Library The Management, Teachers, Mass Email a common interactive platform. Manage Students all the entities of a school onto Discussion Forum incomparable. This system brings Homework Assignment features are unique and School Management System as a whole.

    So the vendors who compete in this ever growing market need to focus more on all the reports mentioned above to stay in race. The market is become so competitive even you miss out on some simple modules you land up missing a big share the market.

    The need of the hour is online school management software that can provide several strategic advantages to the school with these points clear cut in shaping a module right for the market

    1. Low cost of ownership

    2. Total Operational Automation with more time to focus on strategic tasks

    3. Onetime fee of the system

    4. Anywhere availability internet and intranet with automatic synchronization.

    Benefiting the students should be the at most priority in terms of enhanced interaction with teachers with elaborate access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedules, Prior information about school events and holidays, online submission of homework, Enhanced interaction with teachers, active participation in school activities, reliable update on Childs attendance. Today modern technologies are changing the teacher student – content relationships from the conception to the delivery of so called distant education courses. The concept of Distance Education has greatly evolved in the digital era of 21st century.

    E- Learning Introduction: The E- Learning web platform combines the efficacy of learning Content Management and core internal process management into a robust single portal to address the challenges of the school, students, lecturers and administrators. It provides a cost effective and efficient managed time and resources for learning and research. Delivered and viewed in multiple access modes. Over the internet, mobile app, thin client, digital vision webinar and lecture theaters.

    The objective should be - To develop e-learning technology platform. To develop, deploy and manage e-learning portal with preference to e-learning website development, deployment and maintenance, site promotion and propagation, Digital Marketing Development, To facilitate network integration and technical support, To analyze the current network architecture and infrastructural deportment, To develop and e- learning framework that will allow low- technology skilled students and teachers the ability to participate without possessing extensive technology experience.

    In a nutshell we at Xiphias had laid out our policies to have a complete school automation software keeping in mind all the points discussed above and our success in the market is another reason for our fulfillment of these strategies to obtain these principle policies and we strive to continuously update our principal policies altogether to see if we are not out of the track.

    Who frame these critical policies? It is our quality management team whose objective is to frame these policies and all the time report on the follow through attained by the project team. There other main area of interest is to get the feedback from the exiting users of the software and update the required policy anytime and all time.

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