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How to measure Web site traffic!

Discussion in 'Traffic Generation' started by wildnettechnologies, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. wildnettechnologies

    wildnettechnologies New Member Webmaster

    Web site traffic is very important for any web based business. Without due attention to the traffic you are getting, you can not run a web-based business effectively. If there was a brick and mortar store, he would make sure you chose the right place would bring traffic to your store. Similarly, web traffic can be increased and measured to meet your needs.

    Measuring website traffic
    You can measure the different components of web site traffic, keeping an eye on the amount of traffic coming into your site, see the different pages on your site, the amount of time spent on your site, and leaving your site. This information is really important to you, so you can change your site to meet the needs of its visitors.
    Take this example, if you see people are leaving your site immediately, the crowd could not get right. You may need to adjust the appearance of your site or its contents. On the other hand, if you go to the wrong people, you might want to change their marketing strategy. If you are using SEO, you may want to change your strategy.
    You can find statistics on file in web server log. A page view is a good way to see what is happening with your site, it shows the display of any page of your website. There is a code that can be used to track activity of visitors. You can use these techniques to make your site better and make sure it is working for you. You can ensure that each page is working for you and a picture of a visitor deeper into your site to take action.

    Increased website traffic
    You need to use search engines as possible. You have to do more than register with major search engines. To obtain a rating high enough to attract traffic, you need a strategy for better ranking. All search engines have spiders crawling or programs that will be your home page and go through your site for information. Search engines use this information to obtain search results for the Internet user is doing a search.

    You can get more online traffic with link popularity. You can build 'web rings' with others the promotion of web sites and can get people to your site with articles and free information. A webring is a collection of web sites around the Internet joined together in a circular structure. "Web Rings" can be considered as a search engine when using the optimization technique to improve search engine rankings. You attract people to your site by having great content. A lot of sites that accept articles for your website will have free content. In this way, can provide a great article that is linked to your site.

    Advertising, such as banners and pop-up ads can get traffic to your site if they are catchy and interesting. The cost can be daunting, but they have been proven to attract attention to your website. Get increased online traffic to your website is necessary to promote your online business. This will help you understand your site statistics to see and respond to them. Then you will be able to increase the number of visitors to your site and make them want to stay.
  2. I think you have to attempt to articulate what we missing, thanks for this discussion with us.

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