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How to promote your business on Internet-3

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by windmick, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. windmick

    windmick New Member Webmaster

    Article Writing, video creation
    Today, article writing and video creation is a job just like any other. Most often, the times have brought us many self employed markets, from graphic design, to web page design, personal consultants, and much more. But article writing and video creation are now two of the world’s top positions and growing still on the market. It offers people all around the world a job, and offers much more to the world that isn’t doing the writing.
    Some articles are called descriptive articles. When it comes to this type of article writing, the writer uses a variance of keywords in an article and repeats them with a certain percentage. This is in a sense propaganda, and is used to enhance search engine optimization, as well as productivity, and also allows businesses to put the keywords and articles on the site to make higher rankings in search engines, so that their product will be viewed more often.
    Another form of article writing is for news purposes. These types of articles are often more editorial, but at the same time factual and relies on facts of an event to document something that has happened, or is happening. A lot of times, this form of article writing is opinionated some, but most generally about the exact facts, and just as informative as the descriptive articles.
    And for the video creation wizards, in today’s market, the ability to create video ads has never been higher, especially on the digital market. Video creation software helps the average video creator to create a product that is fit for clients, in which the client can also put a product out there and it be seen and heard, other than just the informative article. With these article writing and video creation hand in hand, the world will be a much more educated place.

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