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I need a developer

Discussion in 'Design and Development' started by on_way_to_fame, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. Need A Developer


    Some of you might have seen my previous post which was a bit on the same lines, but I have actually decided to change my idea, and here is what I am looking for now. I was planning to launch a big portal, which is about 80% ready and can be seen at www.planetwicked.com/user . I have done a lot of research on this project and I personally believe it has a lot of potential. My view as been very well received by many online business owners, which further boosts my confidence that there is a lot to be gained from this. I have made a conscious effort to keep everything very practical and professional and therefore I have also created a revenue report and a marketing report which I am more than willing to discuss with the potential partner. A very detailed report on what is ready and what is yet to be done is also available. Due to some reasons the firm which was doing it, got disintegrated and shut down, because of which the project has been hung up for quite some time now. But they did a fantastic job with whatever is there. The programming is brilliant and most people have loved the design as well. There is unlimited potential in this project and it has great scope, but due to limited financial and time resources, instead of getting it completed by another firm, I am more interested in going into partnership. Now the partnership offer I have is not only very unique, but extremely safe and would remain safe even without a written partnership agreement, because of its design. No one can cheat each other even without an agreement, although I am more than willing to sign any agreement, if the other person lives up to my expectations of an ideal partner and if I do decide to go into business with him/her. Location is no barrier to this project; in fact I would prefer the developer to be a non UK resident. For more details on my partnership offer please Pm me or I am available on MSN or email at monga_ashish@hotmail.com . I very detailed report on my partnership offer is also available.

    The firm was located back in India, and that is where I am originally from, although have now shifted to UK for my university. (Just in case you are interested)

    This is what I am looking for in a potential partner.

    Required Skills & other factors:

    1) Skilled in php…and good knowledge of My Sql.
    2) Good Experience and a nice portfolio of work done in php.
    3) Ambitious and creative.

    Preferred Skills & Other factors:

    1) Located in USA, Australia, India, or New Zealand (But not very essential)
    2) Web Designing Skills
    3) Basic Knowledge of SEO and Internet Marketing.
    4) Some knowledge of E-commerce.
    5) Good network and networking skills.

    Any comments about the website are most welcome.

    If you have any questions please post them here.

    If you think you might be interested feel free to Email me.

  2. smeagain

    smeagain Guest

    A really good looking site with good impact.

    However you seem to have made all your images as gif files by default.
    I copied your main Home Page image (Tempimg.gif) and passed it through Fireworks.

    By changing it from a gif to a jpg at 70%, it came down from 44k to 15k.

    The load time of your pages can be cut drastically by using jpg and gif images in the right places.
  3. Thanks a ton...it was indeed a very valuable advice...Do you think it would effect picture quality by any chance ?
  4. smeagain

    smeagain Guest

  5. Thanks for the trouble...true thr is very very slight difference indeed..i think i will change the formats for pics..another thing i would like to ask you if you notice carefully at www.planetwicked.com/user i have a hot or not section on the top left..if you click on the pic it opens in a new window..in its original size...now i wanted to put a size limit to that pic..so that i can save some space as well..what would be the idea size restriction to put..and can i set it up in a way that even if a user puts it in a certain format it automatically gets converted into jpg ? all the pics go through the admin panel..so they cant be there until i authorise them, so i can manually do it..but i would prefer it to be automatic...any advice?
    thanks again
  6. smeagain

    smeagain Guest

    With some PHP Contact Management Systems (CMS) there is the facility to process images. It would appear that your CMS is doing this by displaying the small 74x109 pixel preview of the main image which is 1200x1600 pixels.

    You need to investigate the capabilities of your CMS by downloading user manuals etc and joining a Forum or discussion group that has been set-up specifically for your CMS.

    I have never been involved in a site that uses this image resizing via PHP CMS, so that is now the end of my useful contribution.
    Search on Google for a users forum I'm sure you will manage from there.

    Don't make all your images into jpegs, some images (Logos etc) are better kept to gif format.

    Download a trial of Macromedia Fireworks which is the best program for "Processing" images for web pages. before the trial runs out, It will show you how to handle and efficiently optimise different images for web publication.

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