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Important representative of the Italian painter-4

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by paintingsale, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. paintingsale

    paintingsale New Member Webmaster

    Botticelli is also the followers of Savonarola. For hobby Botticelli, this seems to be a painter of life in a violent catastrophic change. Botticelli painted to please Lorenzo Medici and charming, elegant masterpiece - one of the most representatives is the "Spring" (La the Primavera): paintings of gods and lovers in the verdant drops of the world to enjoy the joy of spring - with the cry "the gap between the self detest Puritanism it is to be added. Yo widowed Huan consider to Savonarola is not only a burning works of art, or a compliment to the militants of the Florentine city-state revolution ", Botticelli's worship is even more difficult to understand. According to Vasari (Giorgio Vasari ,1511-1574) written by Botticelli's life "(Life of Botticelli), the artist's old age seems to be both sad and pathetic - reverence for Savonarola, he fell into a poverty, "he is so faithful to the sect of Savonarola, that started to give up painting."

    However, at that time, people outside the elite group - the artist is only craftsmen, even the "artists" are not really - rarely have the opportunity to participate in politics. In addition, Savonarola gave believers an interpretation of the upheaval around. Governments have the downfall of the empire disintegrated into a huge battlefield in Italy. Savonarola not only an explanation for all this, but also allow people to see a glimmer of hope - all of which is a change in the divine plan of the Christian world, while Florentine will play a special role. www art-paintingonline com/product_list-Flowers-Oil-Paintings-c_174-1 html

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