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Increase traffic to your ecommerce shop

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by temi, May 26, 2009.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    If you have an online shop, you probably rely on PPC or organic search engine traffic for you sales. That is brilliant but do you know there are other ways to increase sales, well there are quite a lot of ways but the one I used for a client recently that has been bearing fantastic result is Google base. Just a few handy steps to get you product into Google base and have another traffic generation mechanism to your online shop.

    Google base is actually a very easy way of getting to listing in Google search itself, products from Google base are listed quite highly on top of page one of Google. Well , here is how to go about it:
    1. You need to create a Google base account, if you have a Google webmaster tool, you can create and account from there.
    2. Most modern shopping cart allow you to export you product into Google base, you just need to provide you google base account, click export and your products will be there.
    3. You can do basic SEO to have you product appear higher, Google has a manual for this or you can read this blog post on how to optimise your shop for google base.
    4. Login to you Google base account manager to see the status of your products. Usually withing 48 hours your products should appear in Google serps
  2. Aspen01

    Aspen01 New Member Webmaster

    Good tip


    Thanks for that tip, it was very informative, I will give that a go!
  3. Emilyecho

    Emilyecho New Member Webmaster

    Good information. Organic SEO work can really bring effective customers to your websites.

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