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Infographic SEO

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by nlaunchformula, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. nlaunchformula

    nlaunchformula New Member Webmaster

    Infographic is a new SEO technique that's a visible representation of knowledge. rather than writing an article or web log post that takes plenty of your time to scan and perceive and confuse readers, you will be able to just produce an Infographic that ties it all data along during a handy dandy image.
  2. brainmoore

    brainmoore New Member Webmaster

    Infographics has been getting much popularity on web now-a-days as they are fun to understand, read and share with people. They can be build just for fun or for business point of view as well meaning marketing, SEO etc.. An excellent developed data can be shared and linked by many webmasters and users which can ultimately help the source provider.
  3. michael noronha

    michael noronha New Member Webmaster

    Infographics plays a vital role in today’s SEO. An Infographic can be easily shared and is considered to be a linkable asset. Moreover we can easily get links outside the industry i.e. not related to your niche. Whether the data is complex or an easy one, we can easily explain it via Infographic.
  4. saleoid

    saleoid New Member Webmaster

    I also agree that Info-graphics is a great activity that helps in promoting your business product or service. It draws the user's attention and people find it interesting to scan. It can be easily understood by anyone.
  5. mikesmithnew

    mikesmithnew New Member Webmaster

    Infographics can go viral, its an important content marketing strategy now. Flicker and interest can be used for info-graphics promotion. At the same time, you can earn links from high authority websites.

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