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installation problem

Discussion in 'iG Shop' started by healer, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. healer

    healer New Member Webmaster

    When doing the make_symlink.php, I got error messages like "Warning: symlink(): File exists in /home/content/r/a/p/raphaelw/html/igshop/ig_shop/admin/make_symlink.php on line 2" and so on. I read similar posts and checked the admin directory I couldn't see the links at all. Perhaps a ftp program would not show symbolic links. I don't have other access to view the files. I hope everything is all right. I hope somebody can comment on this.

    I set up the connection details for the database at the web server. I didn't seem to be able to create the database beforehand. I don't know whether it is really necessary to carry on with the installation.

    I don't quite understand the following statement from the install.txt file.
    Please log on to mysql(phpmyadmin - if you have) using your account details and dump
    the ig_shop.sql file located on your pc, at the unpacked shop folder /ig_shop/ig_shop.sql

    mysqldump yourtatabasename < ig_shop.sql

    I suppose the command asks mysql to read the ig_shop.sql into the database. Am I right? However, I don't have access to the web server other than FTP access. How can I do it?

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