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International SEO Outsource Individual Partners

Discussion in 'Project Management and Outsourcing' started by BenjArriola, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. BenjArriola

    BenjArriola New Member Webmaster

    Hi, our company is looking for ideal individual SEO partners who can do SEO for their own specific countries/languages. The main obstacle we have is familiarity with the language. And in choosing an ideal partner, we are looking for people that speaks the local language and knows the basics of SEO.0

    Specifically we are looking for several SEO people in European countries:

    - Denmark Danish
    - Belgium Dutch
    - Netherlands Dutch

    - Ireland English
    - Finland English
    - Estonia English
    - United Kingdom English

    - Belgium French
    - France French
    - Luxembourg French
    - Switzerland French

    - Germany German
    - Luxembourg German
    - Switzerland German
    - Austria German

    - Italy Italian

    - Norway Norweigan

    - Poland Polish

    - Portugal Portugese

    - Spain Spanish
    - Sweden Swedish

    - Denmark Danish

    If you are from one of these countries, speaks the local language, and knows your SEO basics, please send me a PM along with some of your SEO work and show some rankings if you have any. And also PM me your US$ hourly rate.

    Most of the work we may need to outsource are mostly language translation related since we are not familiar with many languages. We are currently in the US and even if we know English, we still need some other partner to help us out with UK English. Since there are many words spelled differently and said differently like:

    Optimisation and Optimization, Center and Centre, Elevator and Lift, Garbage Can and Bin,... to differences in local slang and idiomatic expression, everyday speaking expressions, etc.

    This does not promise a steady permanent on going job, but we just want our partners ready once we get international SEO clients with multiple country presence on individual ccTLDs and might need to outsource some of the sites.

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