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Internet Forums - Not for English purist

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by temi, May 4, 2007.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    When I look back as some of my post and PM and see horrendous typos and poor use of English language and remember my English teacher at school I though she would faint if she see how we forum users commit typos and just move on :)
    Are you tolerant of typos in forums or do you half faint when you see poor spelling and use of grammar.
    I will prefer not to make mistakes or spell check but its just that in the heat of forum excitement you just don't have time to write a "bestseller" :)
  2. Piotrek

    Piotrek Guest

    I'd really like the language we (I) use in the forums was clean. Unfortunately due to speed, excitement (as you wrote) or just being not so perfect in English (as me for instance) this seems just impossible. However I am FOR at least trying, double-checking, using spelling aid and that kind of stuff to help oneself. What we see is what the brain will remember. If 90% of our reading is bad English, we'll speak or write bad English eventually. Mistakes will happen even if we try, but 'mistake' is what happens in 2%, 5%, maybe 10%... If it is 80% it becomes rule...

    You may be surprised I write a lot about this topic, but you'd understand if you knew Polish and have seen Polish forums... You see we have those funny letters with 'tails' and the grammar is one of the hardest as well. And the tragedy is that about 75% of Internet users writes skipping Polish characters, with poor grammar etc. This make the language go really poor for everyone that reads it every day...

    Anyway, sorry to bore you, the main thing is that poor language in the Internet becomes poor language in the 'realm'.

    (BTW - I use Google Toolbar spelling aid, as long as I remeber to click it... it always finds something...)
  3. melkior

    melkior Guest

    I never concern myself too much with my English, nor with the English of other forum participants. All is well in my book as long as we understand each other.

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