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Internet-Marketing: 4-New-Methods-to-make-your-website-Traffic-Explode

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by highlander, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. highlander

    highlander New Member Webmaster

    Publishing articles is NOT the best way and I'm shocked why so many waste their time.

    Article Writing

    1. Article banks only attract webmasters

    2. Webmasters will only go to post - NEVER to read!

    3. Articles are popular for the link-drop worth

    4. Rarely will articles contain useful/accurate knowledge - they are written like a production line knocks out christmas cards, so quality isnt possible.

    5. Majority contain only basic knowledge, and most of that is out of date by many years, which won't apply to the web now.

    PPC Advertising

    This is worth it, providing its done correctly. Much working out and selecting keywords is key to keeping costs down per click. One thing you cant get around, and thats the best keywords will cost you big money eg: £2.00 a click and this increases when someone bids higher than you etc - thus driving up the cost. So, even choosing lower-performing keywords wont help - you wont be seen as the big companies all use the top keywords, as they can afford to spend, as the rest cant.

    How do you compete? You select a slightly less well-known keyword and pay less. But you sacrifice exposure bcos of it, so it depends how desperate you want the traffic doesnt it. But ofcourse its pointless doing PPC for a rubbish site, as soon as its visited the visitor clicks away, so best wait until your site is top notch before paying for PPC.

    Email Campaigns

    Less than 5% ROI.
    Very difficult to get a sales pitch perfect, and much trial and error involved.
    Useful using with an established database of clients that already do business with you.
    Low cost
    Time consuming to produce a good mailing list


    Very untargeted and open to spamming/link dropping. Expect very few clickthroughs and even less sales. Possibly leaving website ideas open to blatent copying and theft of web copy. Email address extraction is not uncommon once people have your web address, but the spamming is another matter entirely.

    Question whether its worth the hassle you'll get, before dropping your web address. Just be aware you wont get the results you'll think youll get.

    Forums work by networking, but its a crap shoot, a game of much risk and large investment of time for little reward. Again, your website will dictate how successful youll be, so if website is crap, expect heavy losses in everything you do.
  2. steve555

    steve555 New Member Webmaster

    Highlander has it spot on apart from article marketing. Purely depends on how you do it, if you can effectively use it as a tool, can definitely help your pr and seo

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