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internet research needed.

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by mygalaxy, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. mygalaxy

    mygalaxy New Member Webmaster

    Please pm me the price for this jobs.

    We produce a magazine for our clients which contain free contests and sweepstakes, games, puzzles, crosswords.

    What I need your help with is researching the data/information to be used to create two magazines, one specifically for canadian residents, one that can be used by canadian, US and UK residents.

    Each magainze must meet the following
    - must be 18 or older to enter
    - must be free to enter (no obligation, if they have to register to receive free emails that is fine, or if there is a free trial registration required that is fine to as long as they are given the option to opt out at a later date)
    - each magazine must contain enough sweepstakes that the GRAND PRIZE total that they are elligible to win if they entered every contest in that particular magazine would be a minimum of 3.2million (more is of course fine) Note: total prize amount for each individual contest/sweepstake is calculated by the GRAND PRIZE TOTAL there are often multiple prizes you can win in addition to the grand prize, but since most only allow a person to win one prize we calculate the total amount by the Grand Prize
    - the prize can be cash, trips, clothes, cars, electronics, jewelry, etc. cash is always preferred
    -no sweepstakes or contests that have any religious affiliations
    -no sweepstakes or contests that seem "shady" or illegitimate - trust your gut
    - lotteries are great for big cash prizes which will help get you to that magic 3.2 number easily, however they must be free to enter or a free membership, they cannot be the online lottos that require you to buy a ticket
    -each magazine can contain as many contests as it takes to equal that prize amount but we typically use between 7 and 12
    -the expiration date cannot be any sooner than 2/15/09, keeping in mind some contests are ongoing and have no expiration date which is ideal but not always available
    -since I need you to produce one for canadian residents only, and one that is open to legal residents of UK, US and Canada be sure to check the "eligibility section" of the official rules which will state who can enter, what age, what countries the contest is open to

    Just to give you a little direction on how to get started, I did an easy google search for free canadian sweepstakes and got several website listings, here are two:
    GJs Sweepstakes Crazy-Free Online Contests-Online Sweepstakes-Win Prizes (this one has both Canadian& US and some that are open to UK)
    CANADA Sweepstakes on SweepstakesToday.com! (this one has both Canadian & US)

    Once you find a sweepstake that meets all the criteria list above input the data into the excel spreadsheet (see attached), once you have a completed issue (that has 3.2mil worth of prizes), go to the website link for each individual sweepstake, click on the "official rules" section and copy and paste all the required categories into the attached rules word doc (see attached). Once you have completed a magazine for canada and one that Canada, UK and US can play you are done and can submit them to me for review and I will send you a check or money order to the address you specify.

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