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It's going to be tough in UK for years yet.

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by Alternative4u, May 11, 2011.

  1. Alternative4u

    Alternative4u New Member Webmaster

    As many people have seen on the news today the bank of England have stated that the British economy is getting a lot worse and is many years away from recovery.
    If you buy food and petrol or diesel or you travel on a train than the 5% inflation rate that the government keep mentioning is a laugh because I can tell you that the inflation rate in England is running at about 37% more, you only need to take buying of butter a well-known Brand in January this year that was £0.95 it's now £1.70 for the same amount. Petrol in January was £1.25 p per litre and is now £1.40 p and rising, on top of that electricity and gas prices have gone up around 30% so it's not too hard to see that inflation is well above 30% so this 5% inflation rate that you hear about should be discarded as a government that only lying to the general public with every word they say.
    And on top of all this we are involved in a huge war in Libya that is expanding at a faster and deadlier rate than the government thought it would, as British people have not been told yet but Russia and China and 14 allies are on Col Gaddafi's side fighting the British French services.
    With Russia and China and their allies fighting the British French and maybe American we are heading towards world War three, because the choices that the British and the French and Americans have now got is to either run as fast as we can or go ahead and keep fighting the opposing Russian and Chinese forces, but there's one big problem with that Britain and America and France have no financial means to keep the war going, and also a very limited amount of men and equipment to keep the war going very long, but Russia and China and all of their troops have the financial gains and will to win Col Gaddafi's battle.
    The British government was wrong under William Hague's stupidity to go in to this conflict in the first place, he simply forgot to look ahead but the consequences I regret to say is going to be a heavy price for us all in the next few years.

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