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Joomla - Harvest is ripe for developers

Discussion in 'Content Management Systems' started by incognito, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. incognito

    incognito New Member Webmaster

    This it the last post in the series of Joomla related posts I have been making over the past few days. Like I said in previous posts, this posts are mainly from a Joomla article package I bought, I just add bit and remove bits from it.
    This final installment looks at why Joomla continues to attract developers from all over the wold and the reward Joomla could offer a developer.

    There is a strong reason that draws developers to the Joomla! project. Be it working on an add-on or an extension, developers have held this project in high regard.

    If you want to contribute towards the future development of Joomla! content management system then Joomla! provides you the platform to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in this field. It gives you the opportunity to develop extensions and add-ons for users.

    Joomla! gives considerable importance to its developer network and serves as a resource bank for them. You, as a developer, can get the required content and resources like code samples, technical overviews, core team updates, documentation etc. from this Joomla! Developer Network. Let me tell you that these resources are absolutely free. If you have a vision and are willing to play by the rules, Joomla! is your dream project. Being associated with it means having worked on one of the very best CMS product.

    JDN provides in-depth resources to its members through developer blogs, working groups, framework overview, framework API, documentation wiki etc. JDN members can build e-commerce systems, inventory control systems, business directories, custom product catalogs, application bridges etc.

    How you can contribute

    You may become a member of the Joomla! development community and contribute towards its development. You can start with simply sharing the news, articles, reviews and stories by posting them on their news portal. Alternate ways of contributing include reporting bugs, submitting patches, joining developer forums and/or working groups etc. Development, Quality and Testing, Sites and Infrastructure, Design and Accessibility are some of the working groups you may join. Joomla!, now heading towards internationalization, allows you to submit translations (in any language you want) in predetermined methods. You may also rectify wrong translation, if you find any. But then how to go about it all? Well, Joomla! provides you with all the guidance you may need while contributing to it.

    Where to find the License Agreement

    Joomla! offers the CMS software under GNU General Public License (GPL). It protects the right of the licensees to use, copy, modify and distribute the programs or any part thereof. Also it passes on this benefit to those who purchase the programs or carry out any work based on that program. Simply put, a user at any level can get a license from the distributor along with the program purchased.

    You may distribute the program for free or a fee, the choice is all yours. It is advisable to inform the recipients about the free and open source nature of your program and that they can copy it, change it and redistribute it as they want under GPL. Another advantage with GPL is that it deems all further modified programs or versions thereof to be of same free, open source nature.

    Forum is the place where you may get in touch with thousands of members of Joomla! including working group members. It is like a gateway for your queries, suggestions, feedback, replies etc. It helps you get solution for your CMS related problems from number of experts/members. Members may benefit from your useful suggestions and opinions about any version and its future development. Besides the above mentioned aspects of the forum, it also provides a platform to the members to discuss developmental issues of Joomla!. It facilitates knowledge sharing. And all it takes to get into this inner circle is a simple registration.

    Now, didn’t I tell you that Joomla! is revolutionary? Like many other successful products, Joomla! is work in progress. In due course, it may pack in more features and functionalities. I have tried to simplify it and accommodate as much information as possible.

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