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Joomla Questions Answered

Discussion in 'Content Management Systems' started by RiverWire, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. RiverWire

    RiverWire New Member Webmaster

    In recent weeks i have managed to build my own Joomla site with alot less hassle and "know how" that you would get with Html and PHP.

    Some of you may be asking you selves "what is joomla ?" well her is a brief description from another site to give you an idea.

    As you can see there are 2 versions currently being used, Version 1.1.12 and 1.5, alot of people are now trying the new 1.5 and it does look very nice however it is in beta (alpha IMO) and when they release the official version of 1.5 it will mean a full clean install and not just an upgrade so i would advise to stick with 1.1.12 as it's been stable for some time now.

    If you have no idea about designing the templates there are many free one's availible that you can easly edit to your requirements.

    A good place to get some templates for your sites is here

    Another good thing about Joomla is that nearly anything you see on another website is already made for joomla and take's less than one minute to install.

    These extensions can be found here

    This CMS system i would recommend to anyone from a complete novice working on there first site to an experienced webmaster who builds site's thick and fast.

    There has been issues raised with the seo (search engine optimization)ability of joomla, i personally cant see any problem (so far) as long as you continue to build quality,site related links and use the appropriate Seo Extensions available from the link above.

    This is an example of my joomla Site which has quite a few feature that include google adsense, a gallery,Mp3 player, voting system and much more.

    If you still feel that this is far to much work for you but still like the look of joomla there are many freelancers that are willing to help for a reasonable price.

    I apologize for any poor grammar or spelling, im not really any good at this type of thing but though id write a little :)

    If anyone has any questions please post below and i will "try" and answer them, if i cant i know there are some people here that know a fare bit about it :rolleyes:
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    RiverWire, thank you VERY much for taking the time to write this, rep added and I will find you a nice juicy link to your Tottenham site as a thank you, I will send you details of the link via PM.

    Thanks and well done :)
  3. RiverWire

    RiverWire New Member Webmaster

    No problem temi thanks for the link :D Im going to write some more on CMS, this has given me a couple of idea's ;)
  4. RiverWire

    RiverWire New Member Webmaster

    Thanks Melkior Can you think of anything else that i may have missed for the beginner ?
  5. I think you covered everything important for starting a Joomla based site.
    Additional info can be found easily on the links you provided.
  6. Tristan131

    Tristan131 New Member Webmaster

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  7. webhost.uk.net

    webhost.uk.net New Member Webmaster

    That was really a nice article ..thank you.

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