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joomla usermanagement problem

Discussion in 'Programming' started by prince2, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. prince2

    prince2 New Member Webmaster

    I have chosen for Joomla! 1.5 with Community Builder the core for my community. But now the problem arises that I can’t find a possibility to create enough usergroups to divide the content among the users.

    This could be the hiding of buttons, topics in fireboard and other functionalities for certain groups. I have tried the extension Juga for this, but to my surprise this extension still shows content to users when they don’t have the right to see it.

    Is a set-up with three user groups (without heritance) possible in Joomla! where content is refused on the basis of the groups? So that the content besides refusing it to the users also becomes invisible in the GUI.

    To remedy this problem we have tried the following solutions:

    The problem occurred with this extension that no content could be made invisible for the users. The users were seeing a half working community because they had no right to the other half.

    JACL 1.015:
    On our first try we got an error during the installation. On the second try we couldn’t configure the tables, there was just no possibility to do this.

    Active Directory:
    When we had configurated Active Directory properly, an issue occurred that Joomla! didn’t took the user groups over from AD. Also there wasn’t a possibility to change the passwords.

    This is more a tool to let users create a Group on the front-end.

    cACL MVC:
    This extension gives a solution for the backend, what we want is to find a solution for the front end.

    JoomSuite Permisson:
    We don’t want the administrator to go to the back end every time to change the rights for every article for example.

    JXtended Control 1.0.4:
    The current version contained a bug. A newer version is planned to be released, but not within our scope of the project.

    So after trying all these solutions given by different sources I still rest with my problem. I hope there is someone who could help me solve this problem within Joomla!.

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