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Keyword Idea for new restaurant site

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by seohp, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. seohp

    seohp New Member Webmaster

    Hello webmaster.
    I am confuse little bit in keywords, so I came here. I need your help. I am selling online discount Coupons and Local Events.
    Here are some of the words I can think of. this site is only for US. So we need to do SEO accordingly.

    Social Networking
    Local Coupons
    Local Events
    Local Announcements
    Location based Services
    Local Classifieds
    Local Ads
    Email Marketing
    SMS Marketing

    Local Restaurants
    Local Auto Repair
    Local Salons
    Local dentists
    Local Learning Centers
    Local Party Places

    Local Music Festivals
    Location Based Payments.

    ==================search from Google Adward tool===========
    how to start a restaurant business 75,800,000 880
    restaurant business startup 10,800,000 160,000
    restaurant business 74,800,000 165,000
    restaurant guide 63,900,000 201,000 /301,000
    seafood restaurants 11,900,000 301,000/201,000

    Pls, let me know top five keywords that can drive traffic for my site. only top five keywords....Pls, your suggestions will be more then welcome..
  2. MayaLocke

    MayaLocke New Member Webmaster

    Most people are not going to search on "local" they are going to search on town, region, county etc... use qualifiers and modifiers for specific areas.

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