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Keyword Optimization?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by sridivyadecorators, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. sridivyadecorators

    sridivyadecorators New Member Webmaster

    How to Optimize the Keyword to perform better in search engines and whats the best way of going about it ?
  2. dannylake

    dannylake New Member Webmaster

    When doing link building for your site, you need to give more concentration on your main keyword. For selecting the keywords you can use adwords tools, choose ranking keywords. If you want to know more about this you can go through with custom essay writing service sample articles, there is some post related to keyword optimization.
  3. alishroy

    alishroy seo services Webmaster

    I agree with"RH-Calvin"
    For right keyword selection, you can check the competition, while choosing a keyword for your website, takes those keyword which having medium and low competition because these keyword easily ranked on search engines as compared to high competition.
  4. Padsall

    Padsall Resource Representative Resource Rep Webmaster

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  5. khairbabu61

    khairbabu61 New Member Webmaster

  6. michealaidan

    michealaidan New Member Webmaster

    Try to give quality links to your website so that it will rank higher in search engine rank.
  7. Bangalorewebzone

    Bangalorewebzone New Member Webmaster

    I study this materials from SEO Moz, Really good Examples for keywords targetting , Thanks lots padsall
  8. Raj Arora

    Raj Arora New Member Webmaster


    Moz link share by "Padsall" is good. I would like to add few stuff more to the discussion. For selecting a good keyword -
    you first need to analyze your website
    what keywords your user will use while searching for your website
    Analyze your competitor site as what keywords they are using in context to your product or service

    After making note of the above points , use the keyword planner tool of Google and some other as per your requirement in finding a best match. While selecting the keyword make a list of long tail keyword and single keywords on separate sheets. You may use these keywords as per the requirement of your website. Like if your website is new and catering to general service as Insurance, in starting use long tail keyword and later switch to single keywords and so forth.

    Just make sure, the keyword you choose will be the best one as your whole marketing strategy will depend on this. If you select a wrong keyword, not only your effort, time, money will get wasted but you will loose huge amount of users.
  9. jandxb

    jandxb New Member Webmaster

    there are many things involved in keyword optimization such as on page and off page. You have to create great in-depth article on the keywords you want to rank for and then set the title, header tags, alt tags properly and the build quality back links with textual anchor text and share the url in social media networks this the rank can improve
  10. pinki

    pinki New Member Webmaster

    Keywords perform better these days through content optimization. Make sure your website has enough content for Google to consider crawling. Having a blog in the website is advantageous. Posting articles in your blog with appropriate anchor texts will lift the keyword position. Also concentrate on new age techniques like guest posting, forum signatures, presentation uploading etc. For more information, you can check the blogs of any digital marketing company. I suggest you to go through the blog of Code & Co Dubai.
  11. Joynab Akter

    Joynab Akter New Member Webmaster

    I think it is better for your website to optimize keyword. Because you need to know which keyword is important for your website.
  12. emodafinil

    emodafinil New Member Webmaster

    Keyword optimization (also known askeyword research) is the act of researching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords to target to drive qualified traffic from search engines to your website.
  13. Best 4 Fashion

    Best 4 Fashion New Member Webmaster

    SEO Keyword Optimization

    When it comes to SEO, the success of your organic search efforts rests largely on how effective you are at discovering, researching, analyzing and selecting the right search engine keywords for your website. All other aspects of SEO rely on successful keyword optimization. What's more, optimizing keywords touches every aspect of your SEO marketing efforts.

    • Title Tag: Your target keywords must be included in the title tag (and front loaded). This is the most important piece of content on your website, both on and off-page.
    • Links: Keyword optimization should be integrated into your link building strategy. Internal links, inbound links, breadcrumb links, navigational links should all have your top optimized keywords. It's also important to track and manage your link text efforts
    • Content strategy: If you want to rank well and connect with searchers, you need to use your target keywords in your content. WordStream for SEO helps combine keyword research with content authoring (just saying...).
    • Images: Don't forget to optimize keywords in the pictures on your website. Target keywords should be used in your image alt attribute and file names, to name a few.
    • Meta Description: There's some debate over whether or not including target keywords in your text snippets helps rankings. But there's little doubt that having your optimized keywords here produces more clicks in searches, which is optimal.
    • URL: Be sure to include keywords for SEO in file name slugs, like I've done with this page's URL. The page is about keyword optimization, so the slug name is /keyword-optimization.
    • Site Structure: Keyword optimization is also critical to how you structure and organize your site content. Not only do you need to select the right keywords, but you need to group them hierarchically and order the corresponding pages on your website accordingly.
  14. grandtour

    grandtour New Member Webmaster

    Keyword optimization is the act of researching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords to target to drive qualified traffic from search engines to your website.

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