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Keywords - I'm confused, please help.

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by roynorry, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. roynorry

    roynorry New Member Webmaster

    I have this week undertaken to engage in learning all about keywords. I've tried in the past but keep hitting a stumbling block.

    In all the tutorials I have watched/read, they say I should look for keywords that the most people are looking for. Use keywords that people who search are using, they all say. Leaving aside the commercial aspect to the value of keywords I found this to be quite easy, especially using software like Market Samuai, but today, after all the efforts to persuade me to look for the words that are most searched for, I received another tutorial saying I should look for the keywords that are least used, because there is more chance of being found for those words.

    This is the bit I can't, and have never been able to get my head around and I wondered if someone could explain it.

    Do I use popular keywords that the majority of searchers use, or do I use the keywords that are least used by other webmasters?

    The bit that really confuses me is that the tutorials in one breath say 'use the most popular' and in the other breath say don't use the most popular in order to conquer the niche.

    So which is it. If I use the most popular keywords, am I losing out and making it harder for myself, and if I use the least used keywords, am i not damping down my chances of attracting high volumes of traffic?

  2. sussextech

    sussextech New Member Webmaster

    Hi roynorry

    Try going to Google and search 'copyblogger keyword research'. It's a great guide with lots of other valuable bits of info.

    I've referred to this many times, you might also want to check out SEOmoz who publish guides on most topics on SEO. However, you do need to become a 'pro' member to access the good stuff.

    Keyword research is a broad subject with lots of people and organisations giving their own opinion - which you seem to have experience of! - however, I also watch a lot of the Matt Cutts videos (search on Google) which offer an insight straight from the horses mouth so to speak!

    Hope that helps!

    Regards, Sussextech
  3. roynorry

    roynorry New Member Webmaster

    This is superb help and I'm grateful to you. Thank you.
  4. Dekiweb

    Dekiweb New Member Webmaster

    the strategy is affected by the competiror, more they are more difficult is to reach the top in the serp. You need to start with niche keywords if big competirors and older websites, but to do this you need a strenght keywords research.
  5. mypaperplates2

    mypaperplates2 New Member Webmaster

    You can give a try to a keyword research tool provided by SEOBOOK. It shows you how many times a keyword is searched in Google, Yahoo and MSN. GOOD LUCK!
  6. cwcs_hosting

    cwcs_hosting New Member Webmaster

    There are two types of keywords - the first type are the most competative keyphrases that will drive the most traffic to the site, these are long term keywords that you will have to work on until you can achieve first page results. The other type are the less competative keywords, long tail phrases that will still drive traffic to the site and will be easier to get ranked for in the search term.

    An example of this would be 'web hosting'... this is very competative and highly searched, long term you would want to be ranked for it but it will take along time to achieve.

    A long tail keyword of this could be 'dedicated windows web hosting' which will still attract the search traffic and is a better term to focus on as it will take less time to be ranked for this.

    With secondary or long tail keywords, the conversions tend to be higher as the search is really focused as oppposed to a broad search like 'web hosting'

    I hope this helps!
  7. arthur

    arthur New Member Webmaster

    you have to choose all of the keyword they are most relevant, and do have both high search volume, and low search volume,, because after doing work on them, you must have to get some results on SERP,S
  8. journeyoflife7

    journeyoflife7 New Member Webmaster

    I think a good idea would be to find keywords with the google adwords keyword tool. Type in keywords related to your subject and search. Look for keywords with little competition but still enough search results to get you a lot of traffic. Using keywords that are not as competitive as others will get your link higher on the search engines. As long as your keyword is high ranked on search engine, you can get a lot of traffic.
  9. Julin

    Julin New Member Webmaster

    I personally think that you should use SEOBOOK.com for the help go to keyword tool page and start searching the most popular keywords this will help you a lot
  10. buyebag

    buyebag New Member Webmaster

    That`s good,
    google keyword tools
    power suite

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