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keywords ranking down by EMD update

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by satty, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. satty

    satty New Member Webmaster

    I lost my keywords position in search results due to EMD update, I got confused and trying to get back my lost position of keywords. if any one of you know the tricks to get back my ranking then please share it.
  2. fagnantelectric

    fagnantelectric New Member Webmaster

    See if you have any unrelated or unnatural links on your site, if so, remove them
  3. stefijain

    stefijain Member Webmaster

    yes surely you will lost your ranking if your website have low quality backlinks and content. you need to work on your website content and get quality backlinks form good websites to get your ranking back.
  4. sirBiLL

    sirBiLL New Member Webmaster

    u should analyze your link profile. Anchor texts should be as various as possible. use even yourdomain.com type anchors.
  5. sam9713

    sam9713 New Member Webmaster

    try not to keyword spam, i had a site which happened with this and i replaced content with less keywords - 1 month later, sorted!
  6. jacksamwhite

    jacksamwhite New Member Webmaster

    EMD update is not for slapping any websites. It just said that you can't get the benefit of having keywords in your domain now. Keep doing good SEO work your rank will improve.
  7. sam051

    sam051 New Member Webmaster

    You should be working for brand name, if you are doing this process then you can get again your website page rank.
  8. bhupirana79

    bhupirana79 New Member Webmaster

    The site has some issues

    1) There is no privacy statement, you ask for personal information in a number of areas, yet dont tell us what you will do with that information.
    2) Every heading returns the same information. For example, "advertise with us" and "plan A move" just gives me the quote window with some text at the bottom. The same text for both headings apart from the title
    3) While we are looking here, what exactly is "free list" or "advertise with us" How do they fit into your companys removals business?
    4) Keyword stuffing is an issue here, you wont be getting yourself nice anchor text for "Goa Packers Movers" for example. That text repeated on every single page is going to be viewed as boiler plate text and ignored.
    5) English is poor. If you are going to write in English, make sure its good English. "Distant Calculator" could be a nice tool, but for the poor English and the stupid quote box above making users have to scroll to find it.

    6) Quote box, have I mentioned this is not doing your user experiance much good? having it on every page is overkill. That link to "get a quote" in the header is enough, I would say maybe change the colour to make it visable. I actually wrote in this response that you should place this up there, its only when I looked at the page that I found it there anyway. On every page we need to physically scroll down to view the content past the quote box. Users cant be bothered.
  9. ubitestechnologies

    ubitestechnologies New Member Webmaster

    The EMD Update — for “Exact Match Domain” — is a filter Google launched in September 2012 to prevent poor quality sites from ranking well simply because they had words that match search terms in their domain names. When a fresh EMD Update happens, sites that have improved their content may regain good rankings.
  10. Crystal21

    Crystal21 New Member Webmaster

    Get a Keyword research tool from SEOclerks or any website, and then choose best keywords and replace them.
  11. jandxb

    jandxb New Member Webmaster

    EMD exact match domain still works but it all depends on the quality of the website, If the site is trustworthy with good page rank and with quality back links profile then it doesn't effect so much

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