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Let user see shipping cost before they register?

Discussion in 'Boss Cart - JV Series' started by widgetuk, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. widgetuk

    widgetuk New Member Webmaster

    Hi all, I'm a complete newbie to Boss Cart JV, but so far I love it. Appears to be just what I've been searching for all these years and never quite found.

    But, I'm just trying to figure out if it's possible, to allow potential customers, to add items to the cart, and then see the shipping price BEFORE they have to log in. The reason I'd like to have it this way, is because personally, when i am shopping on the internet, if a site makes me register before I can find out the true total cost of what I'm about to spend, then I just exit and look for another supplier!

    I dont want my customers to leave incomplete carts (no sale) just because my cart software didnt allow them to see the TOTAL price they'd be paying before they go to the bother of registering.

    Is this possible with the standard Boss Cart JV I wonder?

    I really do hope so, I think that should be the standard for all website shopping carts, let people see the true final bill before they have to give any personal details.

    I would appreciate anyone's comments.
  2. Bagi Zoltán

    Bagi Zoltán Boss Cart consultant Webmaster

    Hi, i am very glad that you like the Boss Cart JV, and i see your point, but depending on your shippind preference, and the order quantity there may be different shipping price calculated during the checkout process. Of course, you may set flex shipping method, and your idea would make sense, but in many cases it wouldn't be a lucky idea i think. Of course we may transform your script to a custom one if you need unique things in that.
    Thank you
  3. widgetuk

    widgetuk New Member Webmaster

    I see what you mean. But, here's my point explained a little more clearly.

    I want to charge my shipping fee's in weight (which is the way that Royal Mail do things here in the UK). So, I simply add all Royal Mail's shipping fee's to my Shipping Info configuration in Boss Cart admin. This enables Boss Cart to automatically know how much the real postage charges will be depending on the weight of the items, GREAT.

    So, take an example of a customer using the site. He looks at my prices and decides it's good value for money and would like to purchase a two items. BUT, he wants to know, before he gives me any personal details or puts too much time into things, what will be the FINAL BILL? ie. what are the postage charges for buying Product A and B from me.

    He looks on my website for a menu option called "Delivery" or "shipping", and read to see how the shipping is charged. Unfortunately, he reads from this, that the shipping is calculated by the total weight of the items he decides to buy. As such, there's no flat shipping fee that can be easily calculated for him to see the total cart price of Product A and B plus the shipping fee. He then might consider, well what are the shipping fee's depending on the weight, and what will be the weight of my two items etc.

    You see my point, it's getting very complex for the user, after all, he shouldnt have to worry about this. He should simply add his items to the cart, then, when he clicks on the VIEW CART button, he can see that the options for delivery appear. Boss Cart has calculated the appropriate shipping method and price (based upon the weights), and offers those options to the customer to choose - eg. you can ship Product A and B by 1st Class mail for £3.99, or ship them with Priority Mail for £9.99. The customer clicks the appropriate radio button, and Boss Cart clearly then displays the full BILL.

    Armed with this final bill, the customer can then make a clear decision about whether to continue and checkout (personal details) or adjust his items, delivery, or whatever to alter the final bill to what he prefers. Or just close the browser because he thought shipping was too expensive. This way he's not given me any personal details, and I dont have a customer registered to the site who's not actually a real customer, it's someone who thought about buying but didnt (some might want this info, but i dont).

    I can see that this approach wouldnt work if you charged shipping on zip codes. So perhaps it might be something you could build into future versions of Boss Cart JV to give administrators the option of allowing Shipping to be calculated before checkout?

    I appreciate your offer to create bespoke code for me to do this, but, for now, i will prefer to stick with the standard code. This should make it easier for me to upgrade, or start over if I mess things up. :)

    Thanks, hope that it's proved useful for readers to consider this option in future, and for developers to think about maybe adding for future versions?

    Cheers, Jon

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