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Link building myth

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Flex, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Flex

    Flex New Member Webmaster

    I have seen many people asking for niche related link building. People Think that only site with same niche are to go with.

    But in reality it's not the case and it's not what Google only want.

    What happens when commenting on niche related do-follow blogs.

    Imagine you have a health related website and you want to build quality backlinks for it.

    The people tend to only search for niche related blogs and websites to comment on. Many guys here think that link building on niche related blogs is the best way to gain SERP. But it's wrong!

    When commenting on niche related blogs, you will see other people commenting on it too with there heath sites. Seeing that it is a health site, you comment on it too.

    But when Google spiders crawl's that page for to gather backlinks for sites, they only select the best health sites with good unique content and which are established. On these accounts they judge the weight of link juice.

    Now imagine 15 sites, all health related comment on the blog. The Google will only give importance to best 5-7 sites(as per their algorithm or something). Other sites will not get that quality which they were looking for.

    But it's not the same with a non related niche site.

    When commenting on different and diverse niche the weight of each link will be heavy then commenting on only niche related sites.

    When Google will go to the site, in which your link is placed, it will give more importance to your site, then those which are niche related.

    It's a proven fact which many people here will offend. But it's the way it is.

    People here provide many do-follow commenting service and the newly emerged A. Edwards backlink packs. This is based on this technique only.
  2. Robdale

    Robdale New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for the great find. You have really convinced me.
  3. harry009

    harry009 New Member Webmaster

    I totally agree with you,

    A thing is that , if you commenting on topmost blog ,At a time lots of person also comment on them ..so google algo system verify the blogs which blog is best .
  4. liza.pinto1980

    liza.pinto1980 New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for the great descriptions
  5. surreypcsupport

    surreypcsupport New Member Webmaster

    I think you are wrong to say that non topically related sites give more backlink strength than those that are topically related.

    If you have backlinks from two sites that are of equal strength according to Google's algorithm, and one is topically related and the other is not, the link on the topically related site has more value for two reasons;

    a) it will strengthen your SERPs position for keywords featured in the topically related sites domain name, titles and other content;

    b) any traffic directly generated from the link will be better targeted to your content and more likely to result in conversions:
  6. Sprouter

    Sprouter New Member Webmaster

    This really is an interesting concept that I have never thought of before, thanks for sharing.
  7. kieransimkin

    kieransimkin New Member Webmaster

    This is an interesting concept and would seem to go against conventional SEO wisdom - my own technique tends to be to build links on a broad spectrum of websites so I must admit I can't know for sure which links are most valuable to me. Remember that it's not just the content in the page that's linking to you that's important, it's also the text of the actual link itself - if the link text itself contains your keyword then that's going to help you place for that keyword no matter what site the link is on.
  8. Travelloger

    Travelloger New Member Webmaster

    Not necessarily, if you're in a sector where 15 competitors are I wouldn't really call it a niche anymore. Also it becomes a popularity contest which 5-7 get chosen.
  9. jumpstartoutdoor

    jumpstartoutdoor New Member Webmaster

    Yes, i think this is so true, when he said " commenting on different and diverse niche the weight of each link will be heavy". I have experienced it.
  10. bailey.rein

    bailey.rein New Member Webmaster

    Quality of back links counts most.. Google gives more value on the quality of back links compared to those irrelevant sites that you are getting.. Also with DoFollow sites.. Google gives more weight on DoFollow compared to NoFollow ones..
  11. stanneon

    stanneon New Member Webmaster

    It's an interesting info, where did you find it?...
    Thanks for sharing...
  12. rubylene

    rubylene New Member Webmaster

    Good source of information you got there.

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