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Local Internet Marketing” Help

Discussion in 'Archive' started by krissty, May 4, 2008.

  1. krissty

    krissty New Member Webmaster

    Hello I am new to this and I was takes to get my companies website up in the SE list. Can anyone out there help me, I would like to know what would be the best first steps in getting this site up in the SE's, I would be grateful for any help anyone might offer..
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Hello Krissty,
    Welcome to UK WW. The first think to do is to research the keywords that are important to your business, once you identify the keywords, focus your efforts on about 3-4 keywords at a time. Use those keywords in your homepage meta tags and the text in the body of your website.

    Next, gets as many sites as possible to link to your site with words in the keywords you identified as the important keywords to your site, for example if the 4 keywords you identify are: " Temi is Cool " then link pointing to your site should contain the same words. The higher the link qualify, the quicker your site will get to the top of search engines. Link from homepage of a website are also far better than link buried deep in the site lumped with loads of other links.

    The link should also be from a site as closely related to your niche as possible, for example, if you business is in 'fishing' link from other fishing companies, fish processing company etc will be excellent, links from a web hosting company will not be very useful to your site.

    Perhaps I should let you digest this first before giving you more info.

  3. rajeevvishva

    rajeevvishva New Member Webmaster

    The first step is to try Local Internet Marketing,, This will give you a really good idea about how to proceed. Of course, after that you'll have some questions, which you can post here, and we'll be happy to answer.
    Your post is actually more of a site review request, but I'd really suggest trying to get some of the SEO to work on your own before submitting to have your site reviewed.

  4. etrade-union

    etrade-union New Member Webmaster

    In my opinion do Off-Site Optimization, excluding Link Building which can generate natural links pointing to your site.

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