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Longhorn Server For Your Home

Discussion in 'Server Administration' started by ovi, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. ovi

    ovi Guest

    I have found this on internet, I am curious who will have a Longhorn based server...reallyt courious.

    Microsoft is planning to release a Longhorn Server version for home users. According to Senior Vice President Bob Muglia, the home server version is currently under development.

    Muglia also stated that the beta version of Longhorn server will be released about the same time as the Longhorn beta is released.

    The latest release date for Longhorn server is 2007. However, unless you have enough patience to work through the bugs during its Beta release, you may want to wait a bit.

    The use of Microsoft Windows XP has grown within corporations, but a recent study shows that nearly half of business PCs are still running on the older Windows 2000.

    Source: gameshout.com/news/062005/article931.htm
  2. Duke

    Duke Guest

    I'd prolly be willing to get involved in the Beta, just imagine how much you can learn about hosting your own server and possible problems you'll encounter in the process.

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