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Looking for information regarding video emails

Discussion in 'Email' started by Corwin, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Corwin

    Corwin New Member Webmaster

    Hi! I am looking for information regarding video emails. Why it is used and how newbie’s like me can access this facility? Is it useful in Email Marketing? Please guide me. Thanks a lot!
  2. Michael

    Michael New Member Webmaster

    Re: Looking for information regarding video emails?

    A video email is used for many reasons like for wanting to send video by email, from sending video postcards to providing material for corporate clients. Video Email marketing is new trend among business entrepreneurs these days as messages can be sent to numerous client prospects through the email created basing from the web-based control panel. The video message is conveniently sent, the emails deliver custom-branded practice with the properly positioned hyperlinks and graphic designs together with the videos. It is relatively cheap and is a “killer” tool in Guerilla and Email marketing. Anyone can use it for his purposes as it only requires creating a video and attaching it to the email.
  3. surreylad

    surreylad New Member Webmaster

    We have found this a little bit mis-leading. E-mail is too big to send via e-mail. Send a link to another page with the actual video on it but "Video E-mail" does no actually exists.

    There are a number of tools already out on the web that allows this to take place. One being Helloworld (look it up on Google). Video content is the way forward but a simple screen shot with a link in an e-mail would be more appropiate.
  4. Kronith

    Kronith New Member Webmaster

    yes right for more information .

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