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Looking to build my site

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by load_runner, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. load_runner

    load_runner New Member Webmaster

    Hi all,

    I have just recently decided to make my own site. The site is currently running on Drupal and have also got a blog installed on a subdomain.

    I have a few questions :

    1. I have tried to submit my site to google and they have begun indexing it.. but whatever sitemaps i've tried to submit, there is some problem or the other with it.
    i used xml-sitemaps . com for creating sitemaps but google has found some error in it. what should i do to get a proper google recognizable site map ?

    2. what do you think is better for SEO purposes --

    blog .mydomain. com or mydomain. com/blog ??

    currently i have created a blog.mydomain.com but would like to know if it is the right way ahead.

    3. what all can i do to get my site to be indexed faster on google, yahoo and bing ?

    Please help me out.

    PS: my site is ashwinz . com
  2. articlemaster

    articlemaster New Member Webmaster

    for seo purpose blog .mydomain. com is much better and you are going on the right direction.

    For indexing your site just submit your site all searchengines,submit your sitemap to google and start building quality backlink with targeted keyword as anchor text on relevant websites,blogs and forums.. do submit to social book marking sites.
  3. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I am not quite sure blog.domain.com or domain.com/blog makes any difference. If you install your blog on a sub domain it will be partly treated like an independent domain of its own so you will need to spend a lot of time promoting it separately
  4. load_runner

    load_runner New Member Webmaster

    thanks for all your replies guys..

    @articlemaster : i did try to submit my site across on all the 3 big search engines but while i was viewing the webmaster tools on Google, I saw that there was some error with the sitemap... so is there any site that lets me make sitemaps which are perfect for google ?

    also how do I get the sitemap to update itself regularly ? 'cos if each day i include some content, the sitemap needs to be updated
    [..or atleast thats what I suppose...i'm too much of a n00b in this field of webmaster stuff]

    @temi - wouldn't a link on my homepage to my blog page [on the subdomain] and vice-versa suffice ?
  5. mattfawcett

    mattfawcett New Member Webmaster

    I'm not sure which is considered best for SEO but I would always put a forum on a subdomain so it's not coupled with your main app. That way you could easily change forum software without worrying about your main site
  6. load_runner

    load_runner New Member Webmaster

    thanks guys. i've decided to stay with the blog on a subdomain itself.

    I now have a kinda different problem:

    Google Indexed my site {or atleast thats what I feel ... cos I'm able to google search my domain name Ashwinz . com and it does get listed there.}
    but now the problem is that whenever I search for my site by using my domain name I only get

    Shouldn't Google be displaying my site name alteast ? {Yahoo does that} or is it fine if it doesn't display the site name ?
  7. redribbon

    redribbon New Member Webmaster

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