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Magmahost.com | cPanel 11 + Fantastico! w/ 99.9% Uptime [24/7 Support] | Only $1.00

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by MH-Andy, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. MH-Andy

    MH-Andy New Member Webmaster

    Magmahost.com - Professional and affordable hosting services. ROCK SOLID HOSTING Great Support, Great Service Since 2007 [​IMG] [​IMG] All of our accounts run the industry standard cPanel 11/ WHM along with Fantastico de Luxe WARNING! You will be on non-oversold servers, so expect a more stable, secure, and smooth web hosting experience.​
    Magmahost.com is the best choice for your hosting needs! We have been hosting since 2007 and have the expertise to make sure your hosting experience is flawless and we are looking provide you with the best hosting experience possible. Every web hosting package has a number of great features including 99.9% uptime guarantee, 14 day money back guarantee and remote backups & much more. Once you complete your order your hosting account will be instantly activated without any hassle. Why order from Magmahost? Magmahost has a vision of offering high quality hosting with affordable pricing for each customer. You can expect to receive the personal support that is hard to find anywhere else. Rest assured, our support quality does not deteriorate with an increase in customers. Unlike other budget hosting companies, the price you pay DOES NOT determine the service you receive. We dare to be different so our goal is to become more unique than any other hosting company you are used to! All accounts include:
    • Free Setup (upon valid payment)
    • Instant Setup
    • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    • 24/7 Support (LiveChat, Tickets, Phone)
    • Automatic Backups
    • PHP 4/5 and MySQL 5
    • cPanel 11.24 Accelerated
    • Apache 2.2.x with mod_deflate
    • DDoS Firewall Protection
    • Innodb supported
    • GD Fully Supported
    • Magento E-Commerce Compatible
    • Installatron Script Installer Fantastico!
    • Ruby on Rails + Gems + Mongrel
    • E-mail Spam Filter
    • Free account transfer! * Unlimited Add-on Domains * Unlimited Parked Domains * Unlimited Subdomains * Unlimited FTP Accounts * Unlimited Email Accounts * Unlimited MySQL Databases
    Start-Up Package * PHP 5 / MySQL 5: Yes * cPanel & 24/7 Support * Latest Fantastico de Luxe * Monthly Transfer: 30 GB * Total Disk Space: 3GB Price: $1.00 [More Information] | [Order Now] (Instantly Setup!) Beginner Package * PHP 5 / MySQL 5: Yes * cPanel & 24/7 Support * Latest Fantastico de Luxe * Monthly Transfer: 50 GB * Total Disk Space: 5GB Price: $3.95 [More Information] | [Order Now] (Instantly Setup!) Developer Package * PHP 5 / MySQL 5: Yes * cPanel & 24/7 Support * Latest Fantastico de Luxe * Monthly Transfer: 70 GB * Total Disk Space: 7GB Price: $4.95 [More Information] | [Order Now] (Instantly Setup!) Professional Package * PHP 5 / MySQL 5: Yes * cPanel & 24/7 Support * Latest Fantastico de Luxe * Monthly Transfer: 100 GB * Total Disk Space: 10GB Price: $6.95 [More Information] | [Order Now] (Instantly Setup!)
    • Free Account Transfer.
    We will transfer your site for free this incldues your whole website and databases, we will make sure everything works perfectly. Free transfer from any previous host.
    • Daily and Weekly offsite backups of your website.
    We take your data very seriously. We automatically create backup's on all of our servers to insure your data is safe. For the past two years there have been no problems.
    • Worldwide Servers
    To insure you get the best performance where ever you are located on the planet we have got servers in multiple locations to give you the best speed & performance available.
    • 99.9% Uptime
    Your website will be online 24/7 with over 99.9% every month. We can promise you this because we own our own hardware and have fall over servers & whole remote servers just for DNS.
    We offer other hosting plans such as affordable Reseller Hosting & Virtual Private Servers, visit our website for more information on how we can help you or your business get online.​
    To contact us simply email sales [at] magmahost.com or call our telephone on 020 3287 6060 or you can visit our website by clicking here Thanks for reading!
  2. MH-Andy

    MH-Andy New Member Webmaster


    Non-Oversold Hosting

    We are proud to be a web host that does NOT! oversell to its clients. Overselling is a well known marketing trick that most web hosting companies are using to sell more hosting accounts, but not us. We vow to you never to see beyond our server limits of delivery, because of this you will experience a rock solid hosting experience.

    We do not oversell our servers. We allocated resources of our server to limited clients, as numbers of client grow, we add more servers to handle the services. We are prepared for all our customers to use up all their disk spaces and bandwidth.

    We are not some faceless corporate giant, every customer is important to us and receives the same high level of personal care and attention.

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