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maintain top position in search results.

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by satty, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. satty

    satty New Member Webmaster

    • Improve SEO on Page. SEO on page affect on visibility on search results and the user experience on your website. Where the user experience will be judged by the Google SERP panda. This is related to the navigation text, sitemap, internal link building for proper navigation, look at webmaster tools for links which are get crawled or not. Load time of a website should be less as possible, make the size of images is small, avoid flash. For example, how long your visitor stay in your website, whether its a high or low bounce rate, how many pages are clicked, how many internal links are clicked, and so on. Everything get noted by google.
    • Improve the quality of content and make it updated one on some interval of time and try to avoid writing duplicate content. Google algorithm will detect the duplicate/copy-paste contents and place with low priority in its SERP. The SERP algorithm recently launched this year everything is according to it. So that writing like this will make a downfall in google SERP. Quality content attracts the visitor’s brain and google tracks it from analytics for the preferred visitor bounce rate will increase/decrease, where visitors will linger at home on the website. And this is also a parameter included in the Google algorithm panda.
    • Increase relevance of backlinks. Relevance backlinks means obtained from similar themed content either it will get from forums or directories also.Google will assume your site is quality, will place it in the high-priority of search.
    • Apart from link building more focus on forums and blogging because google loves the active birds and we get crawlers from commenting at interval of time to our site. More the crawlers visits more your site get familiar for google.
  2. stefijain

    stefijain Member Webmaster

    thanks for your post , this post very nice and helpful increase the and maintain website ranking.
  3. Sportsgreen

    Sportsgreen New Member Webmaster

    It also pays dividends to structure the on-page content correctly. This can be done with the assistance of a proofreading software.
  4. rajivweb

    rajivweb New Member Webmaster

    Great post, as much I knew about SEO and its benefits its more than that. But I think to get quality results taking services of a seo service provider will provide great results.

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