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Manual Directory Submissions

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by LinkPopularity, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. LinkPopularity

    LinkPopularity New Member Webmaster


    I was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, and now living in Phuket, Thailand.

    I'm the manager of a SEO-company that exist of western SEO-experts, and a team of well trained Thai submitters.
    That's how we can offer you high Western quality at low Eastern prices.

    Directories are libraries of websites classified according to topic. They allow people searching for information to browse the categories looking for websites that interest them.

    This in itself can get you visitors, but what we are interested in is the link to your website from the directories.

    Directory submissions are very popular and should be the first thing to do when you start a link-building campaign … even Google says so:
    Google recommends directory submissions !!

    Google can easily determine which directories take it serious and actually review the submitted sites and only allow quality sites in their directory; so to Google those directory reviewer serve as a huge team of human web site reviewers. That’s why those links will improve your rankings in the SERP’s (search engine result pages) significant for the words that have been used in the titles (anchor text).

    There’s more to it; also the way the submission are handled is important, that’s we’re we come in.

    Not every directory submission service will give you the same results.
    Here’s how we make the difference;

    1) The list of directories we use;

    • To compile our list of 2.000 directories, we’ve intensely reviewed and checked (and double checked, and triple checked) more than 10.000 directories.

    • We only use SEO-friendly directories; each of them will give you a direct, one-way link; no redirects, no rel=nofollow, no networks etc.

    • Almost none of the other service have actually researched the directories; for example; I keep seeing in the lists of other services, directories like this one; Librarians' Internet Index. It’s a PR7 directory, that might seem impressive, but it’s for LIBRARIES; big buildings full with books! In other words; sure they have submitted your site, but no way that you’ll ever get a link from them.

    • Also the PR of those directories counts; we can submit to more then 1.000 directories ALL of them with minimum PR3.

    2) We review the information you provide for the submissions;

    • The email you use; it’s very important you use an email from the site itself, for sure no free email addresses, like Gmail or hotmail etc. this itself can already give 25% to 35% difference in your approval ratio.

    • Many other submission services will actually use their own Gmail or hotmail account; that’s really asking for rejections.

    • Company name; many directories will ask for additional information, while they almost never actually publish this information on their site, they do this to check how genuine the submission is.

    • Check the order forms of other services; they don’t even ask for your company name, so then what will they fill in? yes, the title … bang -> rejected …

    • Titles; well, we normally never touch these as those titles are in fact your anchor texts and contain your keywords, but we do small edits; using capital letters for each word;

    • The descriptions; this is a very important factor; the directories want a informative description of the site, not an advertisement of your services/products. We’re used to all the different rules and requirements of the directories, so we’ll write the descriptions for you. This will improve your approval ratio significant.

    • None, absolutely none of the other submission services have the commitment it takes to do this for you.

    3) Deep-links; links pointing to your sub-pages
    (any page other than the homepage).

    • For this we had to do additional research; we checked the amount of deep-links already published online and then check their submissions rules; many allow only deep-links for featured links.

    • Amazingly; about half of the directories allow in fact deep-links. Still, it has to be for a worthy page of course, for a product page or so, it’s very hard to get a decent approval ratio.

    • To have links to your sub-pages is very important as it will improve the link profile of your entire site significant.

    • It will as well improve the rankings of those sub-pages as the homepage; many people tend to forget that your own links count just as well. The more value your sub-pages have, the more value they also pass on to the homepage.

    4) Costumer Service; you can contact us any time with any question, we’ll answer you a.s.a.p. with all the information you need.

    Thanks to our dedication and expertise, most sites get an approval ratio between 60% and 80%, which is a lot more than any other submissions service.

    You can read our online testimonials to see what other people think about our services.

    You can order online - this link goes straight to the online form; Submit Your Site's Information

    Fill in the info, submit it, and on the next page you can choose one of our many packages, confirm with the payment and you're done !! We'll review your info, add/edit it if needed and send it back so you can confirm it, before we actually start submitting.

    Our service will save you a lot of time and show results fast !! Promised !! :)

    Best regards,

    Michiel Van Kets
    Luminous Co, ltd
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2008
  2. LinkPopularity

    LinkPopularity New Member Webmaster

    ok ... of course I say that my service is great, but what do other people think about it?

    you can read that here : similar tread in WWS forum with hundreds of reactions

    I offer a discount to the first 5 people who order from this forum:
    250 HOMEPAGE + 5X50 DEEP-LINK Directory submissions
    normal price : : $150 -> DISCOUNT PRICE :: $100

    just type :: "send me PM" as a comment and I send you the details ...


  3. SmithIra

    SmithIra New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for good articles)
  4. bluewebs

    bluewebs New Member Webmaster

    for LinkPopularity

    offer really interesting, please pm me your more details for directories. i need this services for strong my off page.
  5. highlander

    highlander New Member Webmaster

    I question the quality of this list at once. Everyone knows these lists are highly dodgy, full of cheap and empty directory scripts that are adsense filled and selling pagerank no doubt.

    Question: Do you really want you website listed on low ranked sites or associated with this dirt..... No thanks, I'm off so fast you cant believe it.

    :spam: :crazy:
  6. karmadir

    karmadir New Member Webmaster

    Right now demand for niche directory is higher since it is considered quality backlink and probability of getting unique visitors is higher.
  7. highlander

    highlander New Member Webmaster


    Exactly what everyone should be looking to get placed. Specialisation is everywhere, and there's good, reasonably priced links to be had.
  8. Robdale

    Robdale New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for the share. Highlander you have catched on the right point. I think there are much more things to learn from you.
  9. gibsongk55

    gibsongk55 New Member Webmaster

    Thai SEO

    Hey Michiel,

    Cool.. i live in Bangkok now myself. But getting Thai people to understand you is another thing. Do you speak thai as well? I do and still have trouble at times getting a point across. Anyway good to see your post.

  10. Mckee

    Mckee New Member Webmaster

    hi guys, how can you manage the PR of one site?...thanks....:D

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