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Many Americans see little point to Web: survey

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by rakib, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. rakib

    rakib New Member Webmaster

    A little under one-third of U.S. households have no Internet access and do not plan to get it, with most of the holdouts seeing little use for it in their lives, according to a survey released

    Detail story is here at Many Americans see little point to Web
  2. inactive_jumpenjuhosaphat

    inactive_jumpenjuhosaphat Facilitator Webmaster

    Without reading the survey, I'd say that the biggest number of those households are those of Senior Citizens(Older People). For many people, there really isn't any use for the internet. Everything you could do without the internet 20 years ago, you can still do without the internet. The internet is sometimes an easier way of accomplishing certain tasks, but for many, it seems confusing, and beyond their reach. I'm actually surprised at that number, I would have thought even less households than that would have internet access. What an industry, all of the ISP's have a huge market. I think that the numbers of how many people have telephones in the US is about the same as that.
  3. mabaoshan36

    mabaoshan36 New Member Webmaster

    Is that true?
    But internet is convenient helpful and powerful in some cases.

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