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Many page ranked sites for sale

Discussion in 'Websites' started by clicktechs, May 28, 2008.

  1. clicktechs

    clicktechs New Member Webmaster

    Below are many sites for sale. Footer and description should answer most all questions, please read all.

    addfavicon.com offers over $25, BIN of $40 PR1
    The site doesnt delivery the favicon, and while its supposed to be a simple fix I can find the solution, great name and traffic builder when finished.

    arcadecredits.com offers over $25, BIN of $40 PR1
    not much traffic, but you can see by number of plays there are quite a few

    gotrssfeed.com BIN $25

    oldhounddog.com BIN $35 PR1

    quickerseeker.com BIN $35 PR1

    phislammajamma.com BIN $15 PR1

    churnstock.com BIN $15 PR1

    improveplace.com offers over $25, BIN of $40 PR1
    real estate flipping website

    jpslist.com BIN $35
    8900 links with 96 pending

    powersellersguides.com offers over $25, BIN of $45 PR3
    power seller guide, big shock right, PR seems to be incorrect(fake, but I didnt do it)

    rss2php.com BIN $25 PR2

    stocktradersportal.com offers over $25, BIN of $40 PR1

    thelinklister.com PR2 BIN $45 Pending
    nice directory with traffic
    I honestly forgot about this site, it has 1168 links and
    10423 Pending Links, its averaging 196 visits a day.

    submitswebsite.com offers over $25, BIN of $40 PR2

    ashtraybreath.com offers over $25, BIN of $40
    stop smoking help

    wpthemewebsite.com BIN $35

    whoownsname.com offers over $25, BIN of $40
    who is website

    lowcostlegalform.com offers over $25, BIN of $40

    freepressreleases.net offers over $25, BIN of $40

    falsen.com BIN $25
    search engine with licensed copy of phpsearchengine.com

    installationfees.com BIN $35
    great domain name and nice product.

    plrsourcecodes.com BIN $40
    very nice site with strong earnings potential

    clixincome.com BIN $49
    good name with great earnings possibilities.

    All domains are at enom. All sites are turnkey(meaning not unique). Sites were made to sell and mostly have not been promoted but some have started getting some traffic, or have gotten page rank. None have made sales, and some might have had google clicksno channels were added. Any product offered of course comes with the site as well as the domain name. Price is the BIN price and will consider offers above the stated offer price. As stated all names are at enom, please check who is for dates. Transfer after paypal payment is done through a enom push and then I send you FTP data. If you don't have an enom account they are free at enomcentral.com or I can make you a free one with much better pricing. I'm adding a rule that you have three days to claim your domain name, setting up a free account takes about 2 minutes, and then just have to send me your account name. The whole transaction can take less than 10 minutes if we are both on the PC. I can offer installs from free to $20 to not at all depending on site and your server. ASk any questions that might change your mind before you post sold.

    Post or PM any questions or to claim a site. Please PM any offers.

    Thanks for reading.

    PS. I will not answer any question answered in footer, sorry.
  2. clicktechs

    clicktechs New Member Webmaster

    seems I can't PM yet so likely best to email me @ sales at clicktechs.com
  3. Bagi Zoltán

    Bagi Zoltán Boss Cart consultant Webmaster

    i am not sure that you will manage to sell those domains here. For instance, have a look at this. Is there at least one domain, which was not redirected to steal some PR?

    churnstock.com seems to be lucky one. If you are not sure about the origin/history of your domains you should not sell them, because it will seriously hurt your reputation.
  4. clicktechs

    clicktechs New Member Webmaster

    I bought the domain, and put a turnkey site on them, its google's system that is screwy. I have no idea why google relates the two sites. Most of the domains were never regged before and I sure haven't done a thing to give them page rank, and surely not to give them fake page rank. Googles system is badly flawed and honestly I could care less about them. I'm always glad to see some of my older sites slowly build page rank, but every update some of my new sites go from 0 to 3 and vice versa for no reason.
  5. KingPin

    KingPin Member Webmaster


    "its google's system that is screwy" - Yeah, blame the world biggest search engine :D

  6. clicktechs

    clicktechs New Member Webmaster

    never said they weren't the biggest or the best, it doesn't make them perfect. I have the same sites out there on my names, and some times google confuses sites and sometimes they don't and at the end of the day, it doesn't change my life one bit. I didn't fake the ranks, have no idea how to fake a rank, sure have no idea how to unrank a site, and I'm the one that posted I thought the one was fake.

    I have no desire to screw customers or hurt my chances in search engines by playing games. I build sites and put them out for sale. There is no hype or BS in my add, just trying to sell some sites and manage my 162 other sites. Sorry if you don't believe what I say.

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