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Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by matcash.com, May 4, 2005.

  1. matcash.com

    matcash.com Guest


    My name is Jonathan Jawitz. I work for Adperform
    I am interested in buying media on your website.
    We run campaign's regarding free content like movies, games, emoticons etc, and have a lot to offer, in many variations.

    Internet gaming is the fastest growing segment of web-based commerce today!
    Cash in on the popularity of online gaming with no marketing investment and earn tremendous amounts of money.
    Matcash is known as one of the best pay per install affiliate programs on the Internet. It converts traffic from almost any country and transforms it into great income for every webmaster.
    Moreover, free content at all have become very popular on the internet and a good way of making your visitor remember YOUR site.
    Matcash offers you the opportunity to target this growing market and make money from it.
    In other words this is actually a Dot-Com business that works.

    We pay in terms of CPA accordingly:
    We will pay you for installs coming from 14 countries as exposed here :
    $0.15 for United Kingdom
    $0.10 for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco
    $0.05 for Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands

    We work with CPA, because of our toolbar that is mandatory to download in order to enjoy our free content.
    This toolbar is a search bar, which our users find very attractive and useful.
    I have attached a small and plain explanation about the toolbar with this e-mail to explain it a little better.

    If you have any questions at all please contact me at this e-address.


    Jonathan Jawitz
    Affiliate Mananager
    Msn Messanger: jonathan_matcash@hotmail.com
    Skype: jonathan_matcash
    PB 4318
    43730 Raanana - Israel
    Tel : +972 (0)9 748 9900
    Fax : +972 (0)9 748 9909
  2. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

  3. matcash.com

    matcash.com Guest

    I shouldn't be held responsible for people out there giving people that try to do a honest and not too shady business a bad name.
    I posted it to give people a chance to earn some extra moeny on the side.
    Our toolbar is proven usefull and draws money by our clients, we don't have spyware in our toolbar.
  4. Duke

    Duke Guest

    Maybe not, but what else installs with the toolbar?
  5. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

    I know the game, Jonathan.

    From your site:

    "You can have the Active X window pop up when a surfer clicks on a link, an image or you can have it automatically when the surfer visits or leaves a page, it is up to you. You can also decide how many times you want the user to get prompted to download our Toolbar."



    "The DAYS when you had to work hard for your money are over.
    This is the way to enjoy life again.
    Get started now and Quit your 9-5 Rat Race.
    Let MatCash work for your Money.
    Quality Product and Real Money."

  6. matcash.com

    matcash.com Guest

    well that has nothig to do with spyware...
    I don't know if you know the defenitions between the different sorts of marketing tools there are out there... but I think that you do.

    Well if you are having a bad day and decided to fall on me, well, there is not much that I could do.
    But sentences of that kind you can find almost in ever company there is.
    every normal person on this planet would know that there are no easy ways to get rich and not alot of people that know that get rich anyway.
    As I told you our clients are doing fine with the money the earn and yes of course it is not an income that you would get if you were working a normal job, but the fact remains that it is easy money for not alot of work and I mean if I were here and would hand you 50 dollars 100 dollars would you say no....
    I am not stupid you wouldn't so.... so there is some truth in it.
  7. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

    Ok, Jonathan, let's see who wants to intall your software first, for a whopping 15 cents.

    Can't wait to hear the feedback 90 days from now.

    Jonathan, I know your apps and deal with them on an almost daily basis. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck...you get the the picture.

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