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Microsoft BING - The Decision Engine

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by maneetpuri, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. maneetpuri

    maneetpuri New Member Webmaster


    Microsoft is all set to unveil its new search engine – Bing. It is supposedly the new Decision Engine that delivers faster and more relevant search results to users that helps them to actually decide things. As Microsoft puts it... 'Bing is not just a search engine, it is a 'decision engine' that lets users overcome search overload and find the best choice, faster and more easily.'

    Unlike Google, that delivers a steady stream of relevant links Bing splits them up in various logical categories instead of arranging them according to the popularity. On the left-hand side of the window, there are various filters that lets you organize the results as per your requirements and thus find the best possible match. In addition, there are also Related Searches featured on the page. Thus, the search page overall becomes simple,.organized and consistent. As of now, Bing focuses on 4 key areas – Local information, Travel, Health care and E-commerce.

    The best thing about Bing is that it saves takes the guesswork out of your decisions thus saving you a ton of time and effort when you are searching for some local information, travel planning, health care queries and shopping.

    Local Search – Feel like going for a drink on your official visit to New York? You don't really need a local guide when you have Bing. It lets you search for local information like 'pubs in New York' and lets you sort the results according to ambiance, cost, pricing and so on. Moreover, it also lists reviews from around the world and helps you with directions to get to the place!

    Travel – Bing is absolutely great for travel planning. It gets you the best information for your time and money. All you need to provide is specifications like travel dates and Bing searches all the travel websites and portals to get you the best ticket options. In fact, it also has a unique Price Predictor that tells you when the fares are gonna be the cheapest.

    Health Care – Now this is serious territory! The information on the web comes from all possible sources and when you are searching for some serious health information, you need to make sure that what you read is absolutely correct and can be trusted. Bing pulls out health information from the topmost medical sources of the web. So you can be sure that what you read is good and not mere work of guesswork.

    Shopping - For any product that you need to buy, Bing gets you price comparisons, images and reviews collected from across the web that lets you find the best price for the best product. All the information is sorted and organized into relevant categories that enables you to compare the various aspects of the product and make a wise choice. But the best thing of Bing Shopping is that it gets you cash-back from several retailers across the web.

    This is all what Microsoft promises to make lives easier for the web users. Though it sounds tempting it ain't time to dump Google yet. Let's wait till the formal launch on June 3rd and see how true it stands to its claims.
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Well, MS keep playing about with name, its the functionality that matters rather than this endless branding and name change
  3. articlemaster

    articlemaster New Member Webmaster

    Well, Lets wait for its release and then check it.
    But how can dump google's popularity.Then have to wait for 1 more day to see what BING has to offer.
    After a long time seeing a creative a move by MSN.
  4. cathyd085

    cathyd085 New Member Webmaster

    BING is now released and Set out.
    Its result for imgaes give different result from google and yahoo.
    Not a bad start at all.
  5. www.GameFriends.com

    www.GameFriends.com New Member Webmaster

    Bing favors ONpage SEO heavily from what I have experienced but it is a welcome competitor to Google imo. It still needs to tweak its algorithm but it has the potential to take over some market share as it is backed by a major corporation.
  6. BestBlogs

    BestBlogs New Member Webmaster

    Well bing still not indexed any of my websites so i don't really like it.. have a nice design tho.
  7. patria987

    patria987 New Member Webmaster

    I have used bing recently and i am satisfied with their image and video search result. they put something different.
  8. Robdale

    Robdale New Member Webmaster

    I have also seen much change in Bing's Image and video search. It shows much quality images and similar to topic. I think Bing will soon stand with Google and Yahoo.
  9. harry009

    harry009 New Member Webmaster

    Google V/S Bing

    Hello evry one Bing launch with high PR . when bing was launch google has provide 2 PR (page rank) after Third day. bt still i believe in google .
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 16, 2009
  10. liza.pinto1980

    liza.pinto1980 New Member Webmaster

  11. depapepee

    depapepee New Member Webmaster

    how can dump google's popularity.Then have to wait for 1 more day to see what BING has to offer.
    After a long time seeing a creative a move by MSN.

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