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Moldavian Blackhat

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by ovi, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. ovi

    ovi Guest

    A moldavian guy has succeeds to index and gained rank (since dropped due to the maelstrom of publicity) for over 5 billion junk pages in just three weeks.
    The junk pages have also 3 blocks of Adsense ads on each page. I wonder how much that one person is earning per day with billions and billions of pages indexed and ranking.
    Google has indexed between 3.8 and 5.5 billion results (depends of the datacenter you are looking from). This result has been reached in just eighteen days.
    At the moment I write this article Google has remove all the spam pages from his index.
    I hope that Google has done this automatically and not manually.

    Here is a quick explanation on how he did this:

    1) He registered a few domains like t1ps2see.com, eiqz2q.org, etc.

    2) He has create a script that generate automatic pages. This pages are completely meaningless pages.

    3) He setup his web server (quite sure that he has used mod_rewrite rules) and DNS to work with anysubdomain.domain.com, we can see this on a random query:
    $ host worihqweoirhwqer.t1ps2see.com
    worihqweoirhwqer.t1ps2see.com has address

    4) A little programming on the site for interlinking pages and probably for querying some mysql databases where he stored the generated pages.

    5) He setup some kind of cloaking, using body onLoad="document.f.submit()" and also giving a page to googlebot and another to visitor, creating confusion. He even denied page caching, but seems like he missed msn where cached pages still appear.

    6) He used a couple of trusted(or ex-trusted) PR5 sites like
    www.intermedia.md, www.chat.md, www.faces.md, etc. to get backlinks
    Although we no longer see them now, in a cached page of these sites there are entries like:

    a href="http://2333.water.eiqz2q.org"
    img src=http://images.faces.md/images/0.gif border=0
    a href="http://1272.manager.eiqz2q.org"
    img src=http://images.faces.md/images/0.gif border=0
    a href="http://307.pizza.eiqz2q.org"
    img src=http://images.faces.md/images/0.gif border=0

    7) He waited a few days for his pages to get indexed


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