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More options and flexibility to Outlook mail client

Discussion in 'Email' started by softdev, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. softdev

    softdev Guest

    Outlook addons let create individual, convenient and productive, manner of working with Outlook client, by organizing it the way you want and adding new functions you need in your work.

    Addons blend seamlessly with Outlook user interface and extend Outlook functionality resulting in more productive communication experience and information management.

    Microsoft Outlook offers a high level of customization, allowing to plug in third-party custom addons of all sorts. Outlook addons extend Outlook options by adding new productive features and allow to customize and automate some routine operations.

    Businesses that provide their services via Internet can create and offer Outlook addons to their customers to make their services access and delivery fast and convenient: custom toolbars for Outlook with their logo, services access buttons and menus.

    Outlook addons are helpful software for companies that provide customer services by e-mail. The custom plug-ins can automatically sort and manage incoming and outgoing messages to make communication process prompt and pleasant.

    Companies can customize and improve their corporate Outlook application for specific corporate intranet or extranet needs. Custom Outlook addons allow to create custom user interface, automate e-mail operations and customize information transfer and management. Addons let place corporate logo on Outlook toolbar and add custom buttons, dropdown and context menus.

    Outlook client can be extended with mail notification addon, spam filter, calendar and notes, contacts and attachments management addons, messages grouping addon, RSS reader and other unique features.

    Get more Info about Custom Outlook plugins development:

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